Fans know Nina Dobrev for her role as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries and not so much for her height. But how tall is the actress in real life? Thanks to heels and red carpet looks, she stands tall next to a lot of her co-stars. Keep reading for details on Nina’s height and more. 

How Tall Is Nina Dobrev?

Nina confirmed that she was 5-foot-7 while chatting with fans on Twitter in 2013.

“Can someone please print out a life size picture of me (in a cute outfit) and take it to Coachella? So that I can be there in some capacity?” the actress joked at the time. “Full body. I’m 5-foot-7 so make sure you get a big piece of cardboard!”

What Has Nina Dobrev Said About Her Height?

While the former CW star hasn’t spoken about her height in interviews over the years, she has gotten real about her body image and struggles she’s faced in the public eye. In 2019, for example, Nina was forced to clap back at Instagram haters after many made remarks about her looks.

“Thank you for your concern. I’m sorry to hear you weren’t doing well, I hope that you are taking care of yourself and doing better now. I’ll also let you know that I eat burgers and fries and all kinds of yummy things all the time. You should do the same,” Nina hit back in one comment. “Eating everything and working out (which I do) is the healthy solution for people who have problems. Body shaming people on the other hand is NOT healthy and very rude. I don’t do that, so you should also do the same. Have a wonderful day.”

Years prior, she spoke candidly about her insecurities during an interview with HuffPost from July 2017.

“I’m a person just like anybody else. I’m a girl and I have insecurities of my own. So I think being a positive example by practicing what I preach hopefully sends out a good message. It’s about showing people it’s not always easy,” Nina said, in part. “When you’re running around you might be less healthy or have a cheat day, but that’s OK because we’re all human. We have to take care of ourselves to the best of our ability and be realistic with our goals.”

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