It’s been universally decided on that Noah Centineo is everyone’s current obsession and all around boyfriend goals. Or at least his character from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Peter Kavinsky, is! So what about Noah? What is it like to actually date him? Well, get ready to swoon over and over again because dating Noah IRL seems to be a true delight if we say so ourselves.

So how do we know? For starters, Noah is a self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” and as he told Teen Vogue, he legit used to sing Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper’s tune “You Song” to the girl that he totally fell head over heels for.

“It’s the song that reminds me of when I first fell in love. The chorus to this song is, ‘This is not a love song/This is a You Song/And I just happen to love you.’ Super sweet and I used to sing this to the girl that I feel in love with for the first time. A really big point in my life,” Noah said.

Umm, OK, Noah imagine Noah singing those words to you though? Precious. The 22-year-old actor didn’t stop there with the swoon-worthy confessions, once sharing his v cute, best first date story ever. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Noah explained how the first time he ever hung out with a very special girl we’re already so jealous of, they legit just read books. But believe us when we say it sounds like the most adorably romantic time ever.

“So this was when I lived at The W. The W Hotel residence side has a really cool rooftop: sweet pool, big W. She had come over late afternoon, sometime close to sunset, or just before. And I said bring a book. And we traded. And I gave her The Celestine Prophecy and she gave me You Are The One by Kute Blackson. And we read for like three hours,” Noah explained, adding with a smile, “I love being sentimental and remembering things. I literally am a sentimentalist.”

The fact that he loves thinking about these memories though. Can’t handle it. 

noah centineo

But seriously, sitting and reading isn’t something you would think to do on a first date and yet for Noah, it’s perfect. His TATBILB co-star Lana Condor — the Lara Jean to his Peter Kavinsky — further proved how much Noah loves a good book when she spilled that he was often caught on-set reading.

“He’s a voracious reader: [he] would be reading in between takes, during lunch, in [his] trailers, out of work, by the pool… mark my words [he’d] have books with [him],” she said. Who doesn’t love a guy who can appreciate a good book? The written word is where the most epic love stories come from, after all, so the fact that Noah loves to get lost in a story is pretty dreamy. And if you need more proof of how Noah really goes above and beyond for those he loves, he explained the most romantic thing he’s ever done – and his former girlfriend was v lucky, that’s for sure.  

“I would say one of the most romantic things I’ve done is I’ve taken a girlfriend back to her hometown when she hadn’t been back for years. It was in Puerto Rico, and we stayed there for about a week and a half. She showed me the different places she grew up around,” he said.

Seriously, so sweet. Plus, the one takeaway he wants everyone to get from his already oh so beloved Netflix rom-com is that love and loving deeply is all worth it in the end, no matter what.

“And To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before with not being afraid to love: Don’t be afraid to love in the first place, don’t be afraid to

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