If you’ve seen To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by now (and honestly who hasn’t?!), then you’re totally aware of the fact that Noah Centineo and Lana Condor — aka Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey — have a truly undeniable connection on screen and off too. IRL, they’re not a couple, but are just the best of friends and tbh, it’s all just the cutest. They nearly broke the internet once when it was revealed that the adorable pic of the pair napping together (you know, the one that Lara Jean uses as the background for her lock screen in the movie) wasn’t staged. Nope, it was an actual pic of the actors taking a slumber together on set. And now, they’re at it again, with Noah telling the true story of another oh so adorable candid moment between the co-stars.

Answering some Twitter, Instagram, and email questions for GQ, the 22-year-old actor spilled the tea on the story behind a photo Lana posted on her IG of the pair cuddling in-between shooting the iconic hot tub scene in Netflix rom-com. And yes, prepare for your heart to burst all over again.

“We were shooting the hot tub scene and this must’ve been right around the time we finished it because I stayed in the hot tub for like five hours, because I wanted to, it was really comfortable. It was nice, like tepid water. And we were just hanging out on the couch and Lana and Israel had Polaroids. I was so tired because I was in the hot tub for the entire time and she was on the couch and I just like crawled in her lap and then she she scratched my head. Her head scratches feel really good,” he said.

UMM, OK, can they get any cuter? Seriously, the connection between Noah and Lana is just next-level and knowing they really are so close off-screen is enough to send the fandom into a puddle of warm and fuzzy feels forever. We’re ready for that official sequel announcement to happen already, please and thanks.

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