If you’ve seen To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, then you already know how ridiculously adorable Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky’s romance is. The characters start out just friends who decide to embark on a fake relationship, with Peter hoping to make his ex-girlfriend Gen jealous and Lara Jean trying to cover up the fact that she has a crush on her sister’s ex-boyfriend, which he found out about. But they ended up falling in love for real and it’s just one of the cutest love stories we’ve all seen in a long time. Proof:

peter k and lara jean

But what exactly was the moment Peter’s feelings became real and he knew LJ was the girl for him? Well according to the one and only Noah Centineo who brought Peter to life for us all, he has a pretty good idea when.

“From the begnning, Peter’s interested. From that first remark about her shoes, his first scene where you meet Peter, I think he’s interested,” he said to The Wrap. “But I think he really realizes that this is the girl for him is in the kitchen scene when they’re at Peter’s house and they’re opening up about their family history to each other.”

peter and lara jean kitchen scene

And if you ask Lana Condor, she feels like this iconic kitchen scene hands down the most romantic in the movie.

“I think the most romantic moment in the movie is the scene in Peter Kavinsky’s kitchen, between Lara Jean and Peter, when they really open up and talk about the sad things in their past that make them who they are today. I think it is such an intimate scene and really shows that their relationship is based on a foundation of friendship,” Lana said to Think Progress.

Ugh, that scene was a big one for the pair and it’s easy to see how their connection grew and deepened then. Lara Jean spoke about the loss of her mother while Peter really opened up about how his life has been since his dad left his family. It was a very real conversation these characters had and you could tell were speaking about things they don’t tell just anyone. Just precious. And in case you were wondering, Noah totally ships Peter and Lara Jean, too.

“Absolutely, I think they’re great for each other and I think Peter’s ex-girlfriend needs to scadaddle,” he said.

Oh, Noah, we couldn’t agree more! Now it’s about time she gives Lara Jean her scrunchie back…

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