Yes, the world is still obsessed with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and no, no one is showing any signs of slowing down. Naturally, the cast are the true heart and soul of the Netflix movie and while we’ve been swooning over Noah Centineo‘s portrayal of Peter Kavinsky — aka the most perfect boyfriend ever —and the oh so relatable yet forever fabulous Lara Jean played by Lana Condor, there’s another character who has stolen our hearts: Kitty Covey. 

margot and kitty

Lara Jean’s younger sister is who made this whole movie happen, so let us show her some respect! If she didn’t send out LJ’s love letters, her sister might’ve never gotten the chance to really get to know Peter Kavinsky and end up with one of the realest and purest love stories of all time. So yeah, Kitty is a queen. Now when you were first watching the movie, you no doubt immediately recognized Lara Jean’s older sister Margot. She’s played by Janel Parrish, aka Mona from Pretty Little Liars. And we all know Mona was a huge part of the series. But once you saw Kitty, you might’ve thought, huh, she looks familiar. But from where?

Once again, Kitty is a legend. See, she’s played by Anna Cathcart who is Dizzy from the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants 2 and the upcoming Descendants 3.

dizzy descendants

And as we know, Dizzy Tremaine works in the salon on the Isle of the Lost and gives Mal a fierce hair makeover, bringing her back to her purple-haired, villain kid roots. Dizzy, although too a VK, is good at her core at the end of the movie, she finds out she’s getting a chance to attend Auradon Prep after Evie suggests to now King Ben that he open the school to more kids on the Isle. It was Evie spending time with Dizzy that gave her the idea to talk to Ben about welcoming more VKs to Auradon so once again, Anna is playing another character who truly helps shape the narrative of the movie. Anna is only 15 years old and yet she’s already shaping up to be our fave character in literally all her movies! Plus, how cool is it that she has a Disney Channel connection, just like her co-star Noah? This cast just keeps getting better and better. But there you have it — Kitty is Dizzy and Anna is our hero.

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