Fans of The Fosters got what they wanted last night when Noah Centineo‘s character appeared in an episode of the show’s spinoff series, Good Trouble.

Yep! Jesus Foster went out to Los Angeles to spend some time with Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), but honestly, the city treated him way better than it treats his sisters. For starters, Jesus hooked up with Callie’s coworker Becca, and he even found someone who was interested in investing in his tiny house building business!

Clearly, things really worked out for Jesus on the show, but NGL, the episode really worked out well for viewers too. Why? Because Noah was shirtless in the very first scene and we’re still swooning over it.

Good Trouble

Unfortunately, the fact that things were going well for Jesus really got under Mariana’s skin, and that’s mostly because his tiny houses idea was taken so seriously, while she struggles to be taken seriously in a professional setting on a daily basis. Despite living in L.A. for longer, Jesus appeared to be settling in even better than she was, which was obviously super hard for her to take in.

But just because Mariana wasn’t pleased with his success, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an enjoyable episode, and we particularly loved to watch whatever was going on between Jesus and Becca. We mean, not only did they hook up, but Jesus did some flirting that made us viewers fall head over heels in love with Noah AGAIN.

Obviously, the episode was extremely entertaining, but if you were under the impression that Jesus would be a regular character in every episode from here on out, think again. The series is still focused on Callie and Mariana trying to make it in Los Angeles, and while Noah Centi-bae-o may make an appearance every now and then to stir up some drama and make business deals in SoCal, it’s definitely not going to be a weekly occurrence. Sorry, folks!

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