Does Noah Centineo have tattoos? Fans of the young actor are dying to know if the Netflix star sports any ink! Keep reading for more details about Noah’s possible tattoos.

Does Noah Centineo Have a Tattoo on His Head?

While out with friends in New York City in August 2022, the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actor debuted a shocking new tattoo on the side of his newly shaven head. Noah’s unexpected tattoo appeared to be an image of a bear and two cubs, per photos obtained by the Daily Mail. It’s unclear if the ink is real or if it’s for a role in any upcoming acting projects.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2019, Noah told the host of a strange promise he made with himself regarding tattoos. “I promised myself I was going to wait until I had a film go into theaters to buzz my head, or to get a tattoo,” he said.

Noah Centineo Neck Tattoo

He didn’t mention any specifics behind the promise like if it has to be a movie he’s playing the lead in or if he’ll still get the tattoo if it’s small role. He also didn’t mention if the tattoo will be directly connected to said film. Well, anyways — it looks like the actor is finally making due on his promise!

Does Noah Centineo Have Any Other Tattoos?

In another series of photos from early August 2022, it appeared that Noah was also sporting some ink on his neck. However, it’s unclear if this tattoo is real or fake. Other than that, it looks like those two are his only possible tattoos — Noah has spoken about his recent physical transformation in a 2020 interview with Harper’s Baazar, though!

“Some people in my life think that I’ve kind of shifted into a more masculine brooding type,” Noah shared of his new look. “They treat me differently. People are more intimidated.”

He added, “Maybe not intimidated but … a little timid. The buzz cut guy with scars on his face is a little different than, like, long-hair cute boy.”

Along with his more brooding look, Noah revealed he was putting in work at the gym on Instagram and increasing his daily calorie intake to over 6,000 to bulk up for his role as Albert Rothstein, a.k.a. Atom Smasher, the DC movie Black Adam, alongside Dwayne Johnson. “Last time I gained, I was eating 6,500 calories a day,” Noah recalled in February 2021, “but this time will not be as bad.”

Looks like Noah is in the midst of quite the transformation — maybe more tattoos are to come!

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