After it premiered on Disney Channel in October 2018, Coop & Cami Ask the World quickly became a fan favorite show. The series stars Dakota Lotus, Ruby Rose Turner, Olivia Sanabia, Albert Tsai, Paxton Booth, Rebecca Metz and more, and fans are obsessed. Olivia, who plays Charlotte in the hilarious show, just spilled all the behind-the-scenes secrets exclusively to J-14, and it sounds like the cast has an amazing time on set when cameras stop rolling.

“We’re all really close, which is really awesome. It’s kind of like a real family,” the actress told us. “There’s five of us kids, it’s just really fun. We like to have a lot of fun with each other and everybody kind of has different handshakes or just special things that each of us will do with each other. We all just have a great time with each other.”

As for her favorite memory on set, it was hard for the 16-year-old to pick just one.

“We’re always laughing, 24/7,” she continued. “We kind of have this thing we do before our run-throughs — which is basically where we show our producers and our network the whole script. It’s basically like a play, we show them what the whole episode is gonna look like. And before we do that we kind of have this little good luck ritual, where we all do this chant, and it’s long and it’s loud and it gets us all ready and riled up to do our rehearsal. It’s really funny and it’s tradition.”

A special holiday-themed episode of the show will be making it’s way to Disney on Saturday, December 7, and Olivia’s pretty excited for fans to see it.

“We have a Christmas episode coming out very soon and we do some pretty crazy things in this episode,” she shared. “But one of the best parts was that the whole cast, all six of us, including Coop and Cami’s mom, we were all in every scene of this episode together. So we were just laughing a ton and having the best time together. We have a super crazy scene in one of that particular episode which is coming out this Saturday, I think people are gonna love it.”

The episode will premiere at 10:30 A.M. EST/PST.

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