The ~official~ One Direction hiatus has been in full swing for a year and a half now and during this time, we now have five new solo artists. (Yes, Zayn Malik, we are including you even though you went solo long before your former bandmates but still, counts.) That means more music that all sounds completely different and frankly, it's all be a delight. If you're anything like me, then your Recently Played playlist might look a bit like this:

one direction solo songs

Yep, still 1D AF over here. And I'm not alone in supporting Zayn, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson in their solo efforts. It's all quality music we've been getting and the world is taking note. In fact, the boys collectively just broke another record. Yes, they're still making headlines together even though they're all off in the world during their own thing now. With Louis' recent release of his song "Back to You", he is now the fifth 1D singer to have a solo song in the Top 40 Billboard charts. Zayn was the first, with his jam "Pillowtalk" skyrocketing to No. 1 when it debuted, then Niall's "This Town," Harry's "Sign of the Times," and Liam's "Strip That Down" all entered the top 40 list too. This is for sure something they should all be nothing but proud of. It's rather rare for every OG member of a band to go on to have this kind of solo success and we must say, they're all pretty much on the same playing field. Their music is completely different, yes, but their success has all been very similar, which stems from the fact that Directioners are nothing but loyal, here for every chapter of the boys' careers. Plus, they're now gaining new fans along the way too.

According to Bllboard, only a select few other groups members have been able to all achieve solo success too. So 1D is joining the ranks of Wu-Tang Clan, the Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac as the only other groups to have done this. Some rather impressive company if we so ourselves. Well, One Direction is STILL managing to exceed all the naysayers' expectations, even when they're technically not together as a band making new music as a four-piece act. They'll always be connected though and as Liam once said, "One Direction is who we are and who we always will be."

one direction history last scene

So proud. And since they've all said at one time or another a reunion is bound to happen one day, this has me thinking: why did they ever decide to go their separate ways? Yes, I get it, it was time for a break. They all worked very hard non-stop for years and they all deserved some time off. But since they are musicians, they simply had to make music during their break and alas, here we are with all these solo albums and tours to keep up with it. (My wallet is hurting but you know, need to be supportive and all that. #FangirlProblems) Clearly, everyone still cares about the guys and their music, and you're telling me they couldn't make these songs together?! Well, probably not and it is really cool for fans to see these different sides to the guys. But just imagine all four of the voices you've come to know and love singing "This Town?" MAGICAL, RIGHT?! So let's just hope they don't get too used to slaying the music world all on their lonesomes that this takes away from their yearning to ever properly reunite. Everyone has learned to embrace this new 1D musical era. Let's just hope they don't forget where they belong at the end of the day: together.

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