Will Peacock’s One of Us Is Lying return for a third season? The Bayview Four has officially turned into the Murder Club, and there are a lot more mysteries to be solved.

The show, based on the book series of the same name by Karen M. McManus, premiered in October 2021 starring Annalisa Cochrane (Addy), Chibuikem Uche (Cooper), Marianly Tejada (Bronwyn), Cooper van Grootel (Nate), Melissa Collazo (Maeve) and Jessica McLeod (Janae). The show premiered its second season exactly a year later.

Now, with a major cliffhanger and tons more questions that need to be answered, fans are hoping for a third season of the show. Keep reading for everything we know so far. 

Will There Be a ‘One of Us Is Lying’ Season 3?

Peacock announced in January 2023 that the sow would not return for another season.

“I definitely think that we’d have another new mystery and introduce some more evil elements at Bayview,” showrunner Erica Saleh told TVLine in October 2022, before the show’s cancellation. “What deeper evil is lurking underneath the surface in Bayview is something that I’m really excited to explore in season 3.”

What Happened in the Season 2 Finale?

“Simon Says” was revealed as new character Fiona (Doralynn Mui). She had known Jake (Barrett Carnahan) from rehab, so when he died, she sought revenge. Fiona attempted to kill the Murder Club, however, she was stopped by the police and thrown in jail. While in jail, she talks to Jake’s brother, Cole (Joe Witkowski), and reveals that she knows a major secret about Jake. Following Cole’s visit, Fiona suddenly dies.

The second season’s final scene is a flash forward taking place at the Bayview High graduation where there appears to be a crime scene. While it’s not revealed what happened, the show hints that Bronwyn was involved.

“As of now, the hope would be to work up to that flash-forward so that we are, yes, finding out what happens on graduation day and finding out if these kids are going to get out of high school in one piece,” Erica added, noting “it’s a little early to say” how the upcoming season would play out.

“I do love the idea that in season 1, flashbacks were really a huge part of the storytelling. In season 2, we’re pretty much in the present through the whole thing,” she explained. “So thematically, working toward a season where we have flash-forwards feels very exciting. But all of that would be seen if and when we get in the [writers’] room.”

Scroll through our gallery for everything we know about One of Us Is Lying season 3 so far. 

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