Whether you’re an avid romance reader or want to branch out into new genres, we broke down some of the best romantic books that are out there right now, as the genre continues to grow on BookTok, and in general!

Keep reading to uncover our fav romance books.

One of our fav romance writers is the one-and-only, Emily Henry. The author has made a name for herself with millennials and Gen Z for nailing the modern day romance novel — some of her work includes Beach Read, Book Lovers, People We Meet On Vacation and Happy Place.

“I started writing Beach Read really, entirely for fun. There was no intention to try and publish it,” the writer told Today in April 2023. “I just wanted to be working on that kind of story.”

Emily actually wrote three young adult novels before she stumbled into romance — a genre she herself never had really read!

“I tripped sideways into romance as both a writer and a reader, and I was just delighted to find out that I really love it as both a writer and a reader,” she admitted, before revealing she read dozens of romance books before writing Beach Read.

“I remember the joy of becoming a romance reader and the discovery of how many amazing books there are, and the pace at which your favorite romance authors tend to work and put out books,” she said. “There’s just so much to read. You’ll just never run out of fantastic romance novels.”

The author also revealed that while some romance readers don’t necessarily think her books fit the “true mold of romance,” she still hopes her books can change the perception of the often stigmatized genre.

“I just want to be supportive of the genre and make it clear that like, I’m not the only person doing this,” she added. “Basically, there are a lot of other people making great books like this that readers will enjoy if they enjoy mine.”

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