Ever wish you could go on a date with the celebrity of your dreams? Same. Totally obsessed with the boys of PRETTYMUCH? Yeah, us too. Well, you are in luck. The guys of the fan-fave band PRETTYMUCH are delivering their sweetest lyrics and silliest pick-up lines to give their fans a little sneak peek of what it would be like to go on a date with them in real life. And yes, we're swooning. Watch the video above to go on a date (well, sort of) with Austin Porter, Nick Mara, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu and Brandon Arreaga.

We caught up with the band at the Kellog's café in New York City to celebrate the release of their song "Hello" and the new Chocolate Frosted Flakes cereal. So naturally, Chocolate Frosted Flakes is what's being served on your date. They even had an edible, playable "vinyl" record of their new single playing in the background of their romantic mock-up date. Chocolate and PRETTYMUCH? Name a better duo. That's definitely a recipe for a dream date – don't you think?

The boys even finished off this romantic face-to-face with an a cappella rendition of their song "Hello." So yeah, it's confirmed. There is seriously nothing better than being seraded by PRETTYMUCH. Zion even sang a few lines from Bazzi's "Mine," which was an unexpected treat. Now excuse us while we watch our PRETTYMUCH date on repeat.

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