Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are giving the world clues that their relationship might be much more serious than we think.

It's obvious that they are head over heels for each other – all of their kissing photos prove that. But, after recent developments, shippers can now rest assured that these two don't want to spend even a few weeks apart.

Of course, that is a pretty bold statement. However, it's true because Selena was spotted at the LAX airport a few days ago and then popped up again in Amsterdam. So what's the significance of that? Well, The Weeknd is currently on tour and performing in Amsterdam! STOP. IT.

Does this mean the "Good For You" singer has actually joined him on tour?! Elle magazine Netherlands actually confirmed that she was in town and that The Weeknd was performing the same night. It truly seems like she is joining him abroad yet there's no telling how many tour dates she'll make.

This is super serious considering most artists don't take their significant others on tour with them. Clearly, these two have the travel bug. They have been spotted together around the country and even took a romantic trip to Florence, Italy just weeks after they were caught kissing on the street after a dinner date. Not only that but the sneaky paparazzi also caught them canoodling on a yacht a week before Valentine's Day. Some believe they celebrated the special occasion early due to The Weeknd's schedule.

Things are moving fast. While Selena and The Weeknd haven't been spotted together overseas just yet, we have a feeling they are together. Fingers crossed he gives her a shout out during one of his shows. How epic would that be?!

The only thing left to do is keep an eye out. These two won't stay hidden too long. We can't wait to see where they pop up next!

Do you think Selena is really on tour with The Weeknd? Let us know in the comments below!

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