OK, so we know Kanye West has been a pretty problematic figure as of late, but there’s still no denying that he’s one of the biggest rappers of our time. That said, Disney Channel star Sky Katz recently got the chance to rap for the 41-year-old musician, and to say it was epic would be a major understatement.

The Raven’s Home star took the initiative and walked up to the “Famous” rapper in what appears to be a record store to ask if she could spit a few bars for him. According to the Instagram video she shared, he said yes, but under one condition: She had to rap to the beat that was playing on the speakers. Of course, she totally crushed it. See?

Sky wrote, “Saw kanye & asked if i could rap to him…he said i could, but i had to rap to the beat that was playing ! mission accomplished.” Well, we’d say so!

We know what you’re thinking: How did this 14-year-old Disney actress work up the courage to walk up to one of the most well-known rappers in the game? TBH, we have no clue, but clearly, it’s working for her. Plus, Kanye was obviously digging what she was putting down.

The former America’s Got Talent contestant rapped several lyrics for Kanye, and while we’re unsure at this point whether she free-styled those lyrics on the spot of worked on them prior, we have to admit it’s super impressive. Also, remember that she had to match the rap to the beat playing in the store, which couldn’t have been easy.

Our jaws weren’t the only ones dropping to the floor, though. Kanye was seemingly surprised that such a young girl had such impressive rapping skills. In fact, the two even went in for a high five and he — wait for it — cracked a smile, which was just another reason fans were shook. Good job, Sky!


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