Reneé Rapp is a rising star! Known for her role in Mean Girls and HBO Max’s Sex Lives of College Girls, the actress originally got her start on Broadway and has since launched a super successful music career. Since her rise to fame, Reneé has opened up about her sexuality as it relates to her character on Sex Lives of College Girls. Keep reading for everything she has said.

On Sex Lives of College Girls, the “tattoos” singer plays Leighton, a college-aged woman grappling with her sexuality.

‘Reneé, who is openly bisexual, told Buzzfeed in December 2022 that she often has to separate her own experiences from the character on the show, adding that Leighton has empowered her on her own queer journey.

“I don’t think I ever really dealt with those emotions as outwardly as Leighton did,” she said. “I kind of … just let s— go, in a bad way.”

Additionally, on a podcast episode of “Call Her Daddy” from March 2023, Renee shared that her experience with coming out was not taken seriously by the people around her. “I was just, like, laughed at every time I tried to come out. So then I never really talked about it. And I had always just said, ‘I just was one of those people who never felt like they really had to come out.'”

She even admitted that her genuine “coming out” to her family was by means of Sex Lives of College Girls.

“To be honest, I feel like my genuine coming out to my family — close and extended — has been doing College Girls,” she explained. “Because now that part of me is on display in a very palatable way.”

Reneé finished by saying that she understands her situation is nuanced, but it made her question her identity as a bisexual woman. “I understand there’s an immense level of difference in people who are bisexual. I’m a cis, white woman. That’s loaded in and of itself. I understand that. It still really f–king pissed me off. It made me second-guess everything about myself.”

Scroll through the gallery below for all the times Reneé has opened up about her sexuality.

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