If you’re a Riverdale stan like we are here at J-14, then this week’s episode had you absolutely shooketh to the core. Those who have been dying to see more Cheryl Blossom in Season 2 (ahem, me) are finally getting what they asked for. The sassy AF River Vixen’s love life is just about as nonexistent as her filter, and now something is finally brewing. While fans suspected Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz to hit it off, it’s Josie McCoy who Cheryl seems to be fixated on.

In Season 2, Episode 7, Cheryl goes full blown secret admirer (er, stalker) on Josie. But she totally frames Chuck Clayton for being the creep – which is totally believable, considering the fact that he is one. Basically, she tricks Josie into believing this disturbing “If I can’t have you, no one can” drawing was Chuck being a stage 5 psycho clinger. But later, we see Cheryl drawing a similar sketch of herself with Josie. Naturally, fans legit lost their minds.

It makes total sense. Madelaine Petsch herself said her character gets a love interest this season.

“Last season, we talked a lot about how close [Cheryl and Josie] were, but you never really saw it on camera,” Madelaine told Entertainment Tonight. “But Josie is the only real ally that Cheryl has in this school and the only person that Cheryl is willing to open up to even the littlest bit. She hasn’t really opened up to her too much, but they create a really beautiful friendship in the beginning of the season.”

The actress then added, “And then chaos happens.”

It is no secret that Cheryl isn’t the easiest gal to be friends with in Riverdale. Despite the fact that she is the epitome of fabulous and has the absolute best one-liners on the show by far, she’s kind of mean. Let’s be real – she called Betty a “dumb cow” for crying out loud. She barely has a family. She’s got no true friends. And as of now, no love interest. But that’s about to change this season.

“She needs love,” the redheaded bombshell explained. “She’s obviously still figuring herself out a little bit, but she’s discovered that she has no love, no home base, no friends, and this season her undercurrent is absolutely low. She’s really looking for love, and she’s looking for it in all the right – and all the wrong – places.”

Only time will tell where this goes!

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