KJ Apa has totally stolen hearts playing nice guy who can play a mean guitar role of Archie Andrews on Riverdale. The series has quickly become a fan favorite, so it's no secret The CW renewed the show for a second season while the first batch of episodes is still airing.

The season finale doesn't air until Thursday, May 11, but KJ being the star of the show, has already seen the episode and of course he took to Twitter to let fans know it's going to be nothing short of epic.

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OK, let's back up a second. Not only is the episode one that will have fans talking until season two comes along, but KJ actually broke his hand while filming it? That was obviously super painful for him to go through but now has us wondering what exactly goes down in this episode that KJ hurt himself like that! Breaking some bones is no joke and he was spotting a wearing a cast, so this was rather serious. It's also going to be interesting to see how the injury gets incorporated into the show, since like KJ is in real life, his character Archie is a musician who always has his guitar close by. With this injury, his music career would take a hit, and Archie is a star football player, another role in his life that you know, requires him to not have and broken limbs. Already this episode is starting off with so many questions!

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But there is one thing you know Archie can always count on and that's his friendship with Jughead. These two are basically like brothers, so we're sure Juggy will be there by his BFF's side when this injury goes down. And in case you were wondering, IRL KJ and Cole Sprouse are just as close as their characters are. In fact, KJ also shared a video on Twitter of the pair playing a guessing game together for Netflix and they really do have the cutest bromance ever. Enjoy it:

What was life like before Riverdale was in it?

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