Everyone, stay calm, it’s happening! BTS‘ RM, ak.a. Kim Namjoon, is officially releasing his solo album called Indigo. Set to be released on December 2, 2022, this will be the K-pop rapper’s first solo album — although he has released a few solo mixtapes in the past. Keep reading to uncover everything we know about RM’s Indigo.

RM’s First Solo Album, Indigo

RM announced the news of his solo album via Instagram on November 10, 2022 — just a week after fellow BTS member Jin released his first solo track, “The Astronaut.” RM wrote as his caption: “‘Indigo’ RM 1st Solo Album, 12/2.” 

A few days later, RM posted a description of his upcoming album on Instagram. “Record of RM: Indigo,” the description reads. “From the colors of nature, humans, etc. Use it while taking a walk, a shower, drive, coffee-break, work, dance, read a book, when flowers bloom or fall. The last archive of my twenties.”

Earlier in November, RM sat down with Pharrell to talk about their music careers with Rolling Stone, where the K-pop star spoke openly about his upcoming solo project. “Like 90 percent of the work is done,” he said of the album’s completion. “I’ve released some mixtapes as one of the members of the band, but it was just an experiment. I think this time it’s maybe my official first solo album.”

RM also described his experience with K-pop and how he didn’t intentionally set out to become a star in that genre — but rather in an underground rap scene in South Korea. “K-pop is all about the band and the groups,” he explained. “I personally started my career as a rapper and as a poet. So that was a tricky part actually, because K-pop is like a mix. It’s the mix of American pop music, other visuals, Korea, and social media and stuff.”

Why Is BTS On Hiatus?

As the leader of BTS, RM is often in charge of representing the band in interviews, music shows and award ceremonies — especially as he’s the only English speaker in the K-pop group. Something he didn’t necessarily expect when first diving into the music industry at age 14. “I was just a small rapper and lyricist when I was young,” he told Rolling Stone. “So it was 10 years, really intense as a team. And I actually was in charge of almost all of the interviews and representing the team in front of the other members. That was my role, I guess.”

He also explained the need for a break after the international success of BTS, leading to their hiatus that was announced in June 2022. “I think I got really … I don’t know, ‘Yo, I got to stop this for a bit. I got to shut it down and fall away from it and then just see what’s going on,’ making my mind really calm down. That’s how I got to concentrate on my solo [album].”

On October 17, 2022, BTS’ label and management company, Big Hit, announced that all members will be serving in the South Korean military. Big Hit announced that BTS plans to come back together as a group “around 2025,” after all seven members complete their service.

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