Ross Lynch might have moved on from his Disney Channel days, but he's been keeping pretty busy between movie roles and making music with his band R5. The R5 family is a big one, with tons of loyal fans out there supporting Ross, his sister Rydel, their brothers Riker and Rocky and Rydel's BF Ellington Ratliff as they hit the road performing their songs along with cranking out new tunes at the same time. But then the former Austin & Ally star left everyone a tad bit confused when he took to Twitter to let everyone know that there might just be a new member coming to the band. As in a baby????

"We are making decisions to expand the fam. All in good viibbbeesss keep that in mind," Ross tweeted out to his nearly 3 million Twitter followers.

Now our first thought was perhaps the band was about to become R6 and the Lynch fam's youngest member, Ryland, would become an official member since he too is all about music and has been out on the road with the band. But then it seems like everyone thought Ross was informally telling us all that someone was about to have a baby! But he quickly followed up and clarified that he's reffing to business, not anyone's personal lives.

No one is about to become parents, at least not to Ross' knowledge!

So what type of business does he mean exactly? He then replied to a fan who wanted to know more details about this business chat, and it appears that he's working hard to get fans a full-lenth R5 album.

ross lynch r5 music tweet

Fans have been treated to EPs but haven't had a full-length album from the band since 2015, so it looks like that's all about to change very soon. So a musical baby of sorts is coming, not an actual little human. Just making that clear.

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