She’s not a child star anymore! Sammi Hanratty is all grown up. The actress got her start with guest-starring roles on various Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows, but how she’s the breakout star of the Showtime series Yellowjackets.

“I just knew I wanted to entertain. I’m the youngest of five girls and I probably wanted the spotlight, but I told my parents, ‘I want to be on TV like Shirley Temple,’ and my mom finally gave in when I turned six,” the actress explained to Interview Magazine in November 2021 during a chat with her costar Christina Ricci. “I kept begging and then she finally sent my picture to an agency and they called the next week. I had an audition for a commercial and booked it, and it just was meant to be. My mom is still waiting for me to leave it behind. She supports me, but she also says, ‘Whenever you want to stop, go ahead and stop.'”

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Samantha Hanratty Roles

Although she started when she was young, a huge turning point for Sammi came when she appeared as Kassidi Gallagher for a seven-episode stint in the famed show Shameless.

“This was a huge deal to me. When I found out I got this show, I was literally sobbing and so happy,” the That’s So Raven alum told The Hollywood Reporter in January 2018. “It’s just really cool to be able to be on a show that I love so much.”

Who Does Samantha Hanratty Play in ‘Yellowjackets’?

Then, in November 2021, Sammi started making headlines for her Yellowjackets role: Misty Quigley. The show follows the story of a high school soccer players who are left to fend for themselves following a plane crash.

“When I got the audition for Misty, they put me through the wringer,” Sammi recalled to Interview. “I went in five times. The auditions were really intense, each time I found myself sobbing. It was a really heavy piece.”

Samantha Hanratty Was on Disney Channel

She may be taking more adult roles now, but the actress has amazing memories about her childhood on Disney Channel. While chatting with Cosmopolitan in January 2018, Sammi looked back at her role as Holly on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which starred Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

“At that time that was the biggest show for me, that was my favorite show,” she gushed. “I was with the boys the whole time, we had the same teacher. Cole played a prank on me. He gave me some jelly beans that had jumping snakes in them or something. And then Dylan was just like, ‘Come play with me!’ He was so sweet to me, extremely kind.”

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