Saturdays is bringing a “nostalgic feel” back to Disney Channel and we love to see it! The show follows all-girl skating crew “We-Be-Girlz” as they perform and compete at their local skating rink called Saturdays. Black-ish actress Marsai Martin is a producer on the series, which premiered on March 24, 2023, who exclusively told J-14 that there are “talks” on a season 2 already. Keep reading for our interview with Marsai and the cast of Saturdays.

Will There Be a ‘Saturdays’ Season 2?

While Disney has yet to announce news of season 2, the Saturdays producer teased that “there are talks.”

“It’s a coming-of-age story, so I feel like with something like this, there are lots of stories and lots of topics to touch on ’cause you are constantly watching these young girls grow and even the friendships that they build and even the family,” Marsai explained to J-14.

“There’s lots of topics to go into that, but there are talks,” she added. “There are talks. I mean, it’s my show, so I can do, you know, I can do whatever. So we shall see.”

What the ‘Saturdays’ Cast Said on Season 2

The stars of Saturdays are just as hopeful for more from the Disney series just as their producer is! 

Danielle Jalade, who plays the main character of the series, Paris Johnson, gushed to J-14 that she would “love to return.” The Disney star also added what she would like to see from her character in a possible season 2.

“For Paris, I think I would like to see more of her just learning how to show her love in not such a overwhelming [way],” she explained. “I feel like throughout the series we kind of see how she could kind of do a bit too much … And I would like to see a lot more of her skate journey and how she builds her legacy because that is a part of her family. So I would love to see that for season two.”

“I would love to return, of course,” Daria Johns, who plays Simone Samson told J-14, adding what she would want to see more from her character. “For season one, Simone was actually learning how to become earthy and in touch with herself, and it was a process, may I just admit, but I wanted to say for season two I would like to see her in her full Bohemian chic-est. So yeah, definitely that.”

And the third member of “We-Be-Girlz,” Ari Stevens played Peyton Basnight, is also on board with ideas for her character as well.

“I would love to return, I’d be so honored to return to this show,” she began. “For Ari, I want to see another side of her. I would love to explore her character a little bit more deeply and see, and maybe more of a not so bubbly side of her. I love her energetic and in your face side, but I would love to see how much more we can play with that.”

Well, there you have it, Disney — a cast excited to return and with ideas of their own. Give us season 2!

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