The cast of School Spirits is a self-described “dysfunctional family,” per multiple sources (and cast members). J-14 sat down with the Paramount+ actors where they exclusively revealed that some of the show’s cast members received matching tattoos — and you won’t believe of what! Keep reading for all of the details on this adorable “ghost fam.”

‘School Spirits’ Cast On Being ‘Family’

ICYMI, School Spirits follows Maddie (played by Peyton List), a teenage girl who finds herself in the afterlife at her high school, following mysterious circumstances surrounding her death — which she doesn’t remember, by the way. There, she meets an after-life support group of spirits who have also met their end at Split River High School.

The series stars Milo Manheim, Kiara Pichardo, Kristian Flores, Spencer MacPherson and Rainbow Wedell, who exclusively told J-14 that they don’t know if they’ll ever experience the bond the cast members shared on set ever again.

“I don’t know if there’s going to be another project like this,” Kristian, who plays Simon on the paranormal series, explained to J-14. “But it’s the first project that I worked on where people, on their days off, would Uber to set just to watch the monitors, or even just to hang out.”

“I mean, we’re like making dinner for each other. We’re doing barbecues, we’re doing chili, we’re doing spaghetti, we’re playing chess, all that,” he added.

Milo, who plays a ghost from the 1980s named Wally, revealed that the cast “lived together in the same building,” while filming the series.

“I was neighbors with Spencer. We pretty much spent every night together, like watching old movies and talking about acting, talking about the world,” he recalled. “I got super close with Peyton [List] as well. Peyton’s incredible. She’s so intelligent. I love the way that she looks at the world.”

The ZOMBIES actor added that he bonded, of course, with his fellow “ghosts” on the show. “I spent so much time with them in the afterlife support group and we just had such a fun time there. I don’t think there’s anything that’s going to happen in life that’s going to separate this family. I’m always going to be there for them.”

Additionally, Kiara and Rainbow, who play Nicole and Claire, respectively, both described the cast’s bond as like “family,” and that they still talk nearly every day.

Not only did the cast attest on their bond, but so did the showrunner and creator of School Spirits  — calling them “siblings.”

“This may sound silly, but I’ve worked on many shows. This was a family very quickly, and they’re all very different as people, and yet they’re absolutely siblings,” showrunner Oliver Goldstick told J-14, calling their bond “unusual” and “unbelievable.”

“I haven’t worked on a show like this where they all wanted to spend time together willingly,” the Pretty Little Liars creator added. “This is what they wanted to do all the time on the day off with each other.”

Did the ‘School Spirits’ Cast Get Matching Tattoos?

And what about those tattoos? Yeah, three cast members received ink to commemorate School Spirits: Milo, Spencer and Rainbow.

“Three of us have a little ghost tattoo,” Milo revealed. “Spencer has the biggest one. Me, Spencer and Rainbow. We got, maybe I can show you, is this weird? ” Milo asks before showing off his ankle with what looks like an outline of an adorably tiny ghost. “But yeah, I got a ghost because I love my ghost fam.”

“It’s on our bodies forever,” Rainbow proudly shared. “That’s how much we love this show. We love this cast.”

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