Selena Gomez is a queen, there's no doubt about it. From TV and movie roles, making hit songs and just being her true self at all times, her fans are undoubtedly connected to her in such a unique way. The "bad Liar" songstress just sat down for an in-depth interview with The Zach Sang Show and she was like always, an open book, talking about everything from if she ever would revisit her famous role as Alex Russo, if her boyfriend The Weeknd is impacting her music and just what it's like serving as executive producer of 13 Reasons Why. Let us break it all down for you:

Will Selena ever actually do a Wizards of Waverly Place reboot?

"I don't know. It was fun, but I didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal when David and I were talking about it! I understand, I'm so proud of that and it was so fun. But it was just so funny, we were talking, having dinner, talking hypothetically about where [our characters] would be. But we're all older, David's married now, we're in such different places in our lives," Selena said.

So OK, she has no plans to be Alex again but she was asked if she would executive produce the next generation of wizards in a new series and that she is all about.

"Oh totally, that would be cool. I love my littles," Selena said.

Has her relationship with The Weeknd influenced her new music?

"No, I think for me, I like to keep that really separate I feel like for so long, I think, being a young woman, I've been single maybe like four years, I think it's so important and I've spent so much time making sure that everything I do, I do for myself," Selena said. "So as much as that has been inspiring because I love being inspire by people that I do love and care about, but I'm a big advocate of making sure I'm doing it for me because the moment I start doing something because I'm influenced by someone else, whoever it may be, it just doesn't work out. So believe it or not, I keep that very separate, which is good. I'm in my own world, I've worked this hard, this is my stuff!"

Does she ever plan on going on tour again?

"I miss it, I do. I always try to find ways to reinvent the songs that I've done and then there are I'm not going to lie, there are songs that I don't want to perform anymore and that's me growing up as well," she explained.

Which song will she never get sick of performing?

"I can't top 'Who Says'. In this – in that particular way, what the message is and what that song has done for me. It's a beautiful song, and it's hard to top. I'm not gonna lie because I think what it does for people, what it's done for me – it's just such a powerful song," Selena said. "It's just one of those songs that I feel like I never want to not sing. That's how I feel about it. It was actually being shopped around for a few other artists, and at that time in my career I don't think I was maybe the top choice for a lot of people. And I remember thinking – I understand why people would love this song, but my fans are younger. My fans are going through the same things I'm going through. I remember really fighting for it because I felt like I wanted it to resonate with all generations. I didn't want it to feel like it was just excluded to one, you know, group. And then, people grew up with that song. It helped me, and I feel like it helps a lot of people."

Does she have plans to release any of her unreleased music?

"When I got out of the facility, I was very creatively frustrated because I didn't know where I wanted my stuff to go. I'd felt very glamorized on the last run and I think with this next chapter in music I wanted it to feel a little bit more raw," Selena said. "There are certain songs I listen to and I'm like, 'wow I felt like crap,' I can tell I didn't feel good about myself in those songs. It's beautiful, I think it's cool and some of those songs I'm going to release and share with my fans."

Does she currently have any acting projects in the works?

"It's like a different world than music. I have no job right now in that world. But I love it, I miss it, it's my first love," Selena said.

How exactly did she come to be an executive producer of 13 Reasons Why?

"We had the book for seven years. My mom found it and we originally were going to adapt it into a film and I was going to be Hannah. A lot of people didn't want to talk about this subject, it was a very complicated subject to talk about, it's not an an easy thing to make a film and/or series about. So it took a while to find the right partners," Selena explained. "I don't think I expected it to do what it did. We did the book the book justice, and for Season 2 which we're going to do, I think there's going to be a lot of questions that will be answered, a lot of resolutions, a lot of repercussions. I went to the writer's room and they gave us a little idea of where the characters are going and it is fun to be a part of that and embrace that and I'm very proud of it."

Does she have plans to executive produce more shows and/or movies?

"I think I just want to do things I'm passionate about. My mom and I have always been partners in crime when it comes to that stuff, he has a really good eye so just things that are really good stories," she said.

And there we have it, Sel giving us everything we need to know. An angel that one.

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