There really is no place like home, and Selena Gomez sure does seem to agree.

The Disney Channel alum – whose latest single “Bad Liar” is a total jam, btw – enthusiastically returned to her home at the Radio Disney studios yesterday. And we think it is definitely safe to say the experience was a truly humbling and nostalgic one. Seriously though, can you say #FlashbackFriday?

Now that Selena is literally one of the hottest celebs in Hollywood, it is sometimes easy to forget the time when we all knew her best by playing the sarcastic, rule-breaking wizard in training Alex Russo. However, Selena would never fail to remember her Wizards of Waverly Place beginnings. How do we know? Well, her recent Disney visit was total proof that she is nothing but grateful for the opportunities that shaped her into who she is today. From getting her own television series to having her hit songs climb the Radio Disney charts, Disney truly helped Selena develop into the fabulous artist we all know her as today.

Selena excitedly took to her Instagram Stories to take her followers along for her walk down memory lane.

The star gushed, “So this is actually where I got my first job ever – this building. I had to check in there, and then I went upstairs to get my first job ever. So it’s so cool to be back here.”

During her on-air interview with Radio Disney, Selena told fans about her summer plans – which include spending time with her precious baby sister Gracie Elliot Teefey, eating some good food, and chilling by the pool. If another family Disneyland trip for the sisters is in store, we are so here for it.

“More music and spend some time with my 4-year-old sister and spend some time with my friends. And I love eating, so I’m going to do a lot of eating. Maybe hang out by the pool. Does that sound like what you guys are going to do a little bit?” she said to fans calling into the radio show to speak with their idol.

Naturally, Selena didn’t wrap up her visit without claiming what’s hers though. “I’m the OG here. Don’t forget it,” she said.

The “It Ain’t Me” songstress briefly took over the radio station to simply let fans know that she is the total OG Queen of Disney. Hey, who could disagree? OK, so maybe a few people would disagree. She could have totally been throwing shade at Miley Cyrus, who she’s had a a history of feuds with. After all, Miley WAS just at Radio Disney herself last month. There’s a chance she could have even been referencing her ex-bestie and Princess Protection Program co-star Demi Lovato.

demi lovato miley cyrus selena gomez

demi lovato selena gomez miley cyrus

But hey, they can ALL be the OG of Disney Channel – because let’s be real, our childhoods wouldn’t be the same without any of them, and we’re sure Selena wasn’t actually throwing any jabs at her former co-stars, just reminding the world what her title actually is.

One may even go as far as saying Selena’s trying to put the newer Disney darlings in their place – jokingly, of course. We know Selena would never actually diss any of the current stars of the network. In fact, Liv and Maddie starlet Dove Cameron has opened up about her close relationship with Selena. Stuck in the Middle star Jenna Ortega also happened to run into the star at the studio and gushed on Instagram about how sweet she was.

“So this happened yesterday. She’s as sweet as she is talented ❤️ #theog,” Jenna captioned the pic.

All we know is this little Disney visit sure did put a little sparkly in Selena’s eye. Oh, how great it must’ve felt to be back home.

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