Selena Gomez's highly anticipated new single "Fetish" has arrived and while it's such a cool vibe, unlike anything she's done before, it also serves as the next installment in this latest chapter of her music career. She gave us "Bad Liar" and that jam had hands down one of her all-time best music videos to ago along with it and Fetish as we know is the next part of this story.

Fans were once again blown away by Sel's undeniable talent when she played four different characters in the "Bad Liar" music video. More importantly though, she plays a girl who is coming to terms with her sexuality, who is crushing on her gym coach, who happens to have a flirty relationship with another teacher, who happens to be our protagonist's own dad. A complicated love triangle to say the least, characters Selena each brings to life mind you.

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But it's a storyline that the video's director, Jesse Perez, admitted Selena insisted on.

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"She brought on this idea that somewhere within this love triangle is lesbian attraction. It just gave me another reason to do it — acknowledging that it’s not just heterosexuals in the world," Jesse told Billboard.

So conveying such a powerful message in her music video all came from the woman herself. Selena is all about using her massive platform for good and by showcasing a different type of love story that frankly should be showcased in more mainstream media for the first time in any of her work, is why she's the best. The music video for the new track hasn't arrived just yet, but the audio only version of the video is here and it simply focuses on Selena's lips as she sings the lyrics to the tune.

An interesting way to introduce the song, that's for sure! And the lyrics suggest this complex love story form the Bad Liar video is far from over. Just take a look at the opening verse of the song:

"Take it or leave it

Baby take it or leave it

But I know you won't leave it

'Cause I know that you need it

Look in the mirror

When I look in the mirror

Baby I see it clearer

Why you wanna be nearer"

We can already feel the intense drama brewing! It's going to be cool to see how she takes this song and adds another chapter to the story she started in "Bad Liar." We'll be waiting.

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