Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been attached at the hip ever since they stepped out together for the first time in years a couple months ago. They were spotted having breakfast in Los Angeles just days before the "Wolves" singer and The Weeknd's split made major headlines. Jelena really jumped back into their controversial history of break ups and make ups rather quickly which is making the world wonder what is going on between them. From carefree bike rides to spending New Year's Eve together in Mexico, the couple is on their way to a much needed nostalgic comeback.

But, just a PSA for everyone who ships Justin and Selena, IT'S OKAY if they do things separately. Just because Sel frolicked in the waves with her girlfriends in Mexico without the Biebs in frame, doesn't mean there was trouble in paradise. And just recently, Selena was spotted ice skating at Brookfield Place in New York sans Justin. A source told PageSix, "She was just adorable, dancing, and having fun with her girls." Not only that but Sel stopped to take a selfie with one lucky fan who captioned her Instagram picture, "⛸??‍♀️ #AboutLastNight I went ice skating with Selena Gomez!! Fun time at @brookfieldplny ⛸??‍♀️ #SelenaGomez #SpottedatBPNY."

But, the craziest part about all of this is that they made headlines for not going together, which, in my opinion, is completely absurd. Selena didn't "ditch" Justin to go have some winter fun with her friends. She didn't purposely leave him out. Guys, for all we know he could be in Los Angeles. The last time I checked, LA and New York were pretty far away from each other. So, she probably doesn't need to stop doing things in her life JUST BECAUSE he's not around.

It's kind of crazy actually. When they weren't together, we, yes I'm guilty of it too, always grouped them together. We'd always say that Selena was 'Justin Bieber's ex' or that Justin was 'Selena Gomez's ex.' Even that was so unnecessary because they are their own people. They deserve to be looked at as different individuals. While they might be spotted spending tons of time together when they actually are in the same city, they really don't need to be dragged into each other's plans with negative connotations when they aren't.

Selena simply went ice skating with friends, took pictures with fans and drank hot cocoa. Completely and utterly normal. Just because she's in a high profile relationship doesn't mean we need to consistently bring up her boyfriend every time she's trying to do something for herself. I mean, really, isn't that how things got messed up in the first place? As a resolution in 2018, we should vow to keep these two separate, if they are physically not even in the same state. Obviously, if Selena is kissing Justin during one of his hockey games or they are sitting next to each other during a Hillsong Church service then there's a plausible reason to put both of their names in the same sentence. But, for their sanity, let's not stir the pot more than it needs to be. #RantOver.

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