Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are officially back together! Seriously, shout out to everyone who was hoping, wishing and praying this day would happen, because someone heard you. Selena and Justin were caught KISSING – yes K.I.S.S.I.N.G. during his hockey game in Los Angeles. The photos have literally bursted our little hearts and we're so freaking excited for them. Selena is literally smiling from ear to ear and leans over the rink railing to plant a smooch on her forever BAE Bieber. It's everything and shippers are loving it how these two aren't hiding. The funny thing about the photos is that Selena has a dog with her – the dog that she and The Weeknd got together. Looks like she kept the pooch after the break up which is super interesting.

Anywaysssss, we digress. Justin and Selena shockingly made all of our Jelena dreams come true after she was spotting walking into her Studio City mansion just 10 minutes before her ex-boyfriend arrived. But, that wasn't even as much of a shock to the world as it was when the news broke that Sel and The Weeknd actually broke up a while ago and the "Starboy" singer did it over the damn phone. If you can't tell, we are shook to the core over all of this. Not to mention, Jelena has recently been caught on a breakfast date together, hanging out at church on the same day and even riding bikes together. Okay, yes, and there's more. Justin was seen leaving Selena's house on a different occasion IN. THE. MORNING.

Of course, this raises lots of questions. Did they actually have a sleepover? Are they on the verge of really romantically reconnecting? Is there going to be a 2017 version of Jelena? There's really no telling what is going to happen, but something is brewing between the two and we can just taste it. The most recent developments are photos of Selena WITH HER HEAD ON JUSTIN'S SHOULDER. Sorry not sorry, but we can't help but scream. This is absolute madness.

To be honest, we can't be THAT shocked by all of this. The pair may have been broken up for years but there is a whole lot of history between them. Like, so much history. It would be kind of crazy if they didn't have any contact at all. Jelena shippers are freaking the eff out. So, we decided to take a closer look at their relationship and some telltale signs that these two would reconnect at some point in their lives.

Selena Gomez's kidney transplant put life into perspective for Justin Bieber.

Selena's surgery put life into perspective for everyone, however, we have a feeling this is something that hit him really hard. It was a real life-changing and very serious event. We wouldn't be surprised if he reached out to her after she publicly announced what was going on and offered his support. Just because they had a toxic relationship doesn't mean they need to have a toxic friendship. Her surgery and her openness about it may have led him to think about what is really important.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez belong to the same church, therefore, they have the same values.

Justin and Selena are both invested in their faith and the Hillsong Church. When two people have the same foundation of values and beliefs, it's easy to find common ground even after such a rocky past. Not to mention, they were both at the same Hillsong conference just a few weeks ago. No one was sure if they interacted with each other, but they were spotted at the venue on the same day. Now that we see Justin was literally at Selena's house on Monday, it's safe to say that they definitely hung out.

Justin Bieber has come out of his bad boy stage and is focusing on the positives.

Justin literally canceled the last leg of his Purpose Tour to work on himself and focus on the positives. He was reportedly exhausted and just needed some time for himself, understandably. I mean, he was on the road for over a year and that can take a toll on you. If anyone knows this feeling the best it's Selena. She had to abruptly stop her REVIVAL tour last year after she battled with depression and Lupus. So, we wouldn't be surprised if she reached out to Justin when this all went down and offered her support during the hard times.

Selena Gomez complimented Justin Bieber on his One Love Manchester performance.

This was a huge red flag that these two were talking again or Selena wanted to reconnect. After the Biebs performed at the very emotional One Love Manchester concert, Selena chatted with SiriusXM and said, "It was beautiful. Everyone did such a beautiful job. It was so gorgeous. I love how [Ariana Grande] ended it. I thought Justin did great. It was really beautiful…That’s what I hope everybody can take away…that we’re not going to live in fear. That we refuse to."

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have both publicly moved on so a friendship is now safe.

Selena is obviously dating The Weeknd and Bieber has been linked to a slew of girls since he and Sel officially called it quits. So, it's safe to say the pair are definitely, 100 percent over each other. This all makes it easier to hang out. Plus, Selena hasn't given the public any indication that she and The Weeknd have a less than perfect relationship. There's no way she'd ever let Justin come between them.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber never stopped talking to each other.

This theory, if true, would blow everyone's minds. But, it's possible that Selena and Justin never stopped speaking to each other. It's possible that they were always friends but they just didn't let the public in on their secret. If they run in the same circle of friends, then this wouldn't be weird at all. Not to mention, when TMZ did their initial reporting on the pair hanging out, they said that The Weeknd was aware of the friendship. This proves that this hang out sesh wasn't random. He has probably known for a while that Selena and Justin keep in contact. While we love this idea, we never thought we'd see them together again. Yet all of these signs definitely point to a public reconnecting and we're so down for it. Jelena 4ever.

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