Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship was very much in the public eye. Like, they were #RELATIONSHIPGOALS and BAE's before BAE's were even a thing. Now that they are unofficially officially back together, Jelena shippers are following their every move down to the very last Instagram like. It's being reported that Justin liked one of Selena's photos ahead of the 2017 American Music Awards. After the PDA we've seen from them recently, this Insta like is totally normal. But, then, the Biebs apparently unliked it for legit no reason at all.

Selena looks really freaking good here, too, so it doesn't make any sense why the "Sorry" singer would retract his like. This isn't the first time he has played these weird mind games on social media with Selena, either. Back in the day, they both trolled each other hardcore on the gram. There was some serious drama in their real-life romance but they also took the heat online. From Instagram feuds to Twitter wars to subtly slamming each other with likes and vague, nasty comments, their social media clap backs have been anything but civil.

It almost felt like Selena and Justin would use social media to get on each other's nerves. Of course, that made for serious rumblings within the fan base. Jelena shippers could not keep up with their back and forth antics. It was almost as if Selena and Justin were trying to get our attention. If that was the case then it certainly worked!

So, let's take a look at pettiness between them. I mean, let's take a look at all of the times, Selena ended Bieber with her words and all of the times Bieber really played games with the "Bad Liar" singer's heart.

Justin posts a kissing picture of Selena on Instagram, because why the hell not?

He's giving the people what they want! Justin posted this throwback photo kissing Selena in a pool on Instagram during a time they were clearly broken up. He captioned the shot, "Feels." If that isn't an ex-boyfriend just trying to mess with the feelings of his ex-girlfriend we don't know what is!

selena justin

Selena really loves Made in the AM and totally sh-ts on Purpose at the same time.

Justin and One Direction had albums coming out around the same time. It was Justin's comeback album and 1D's last album as a band before their hiatus. When a Selena fan account posted a photo of the two albums side by side, Selena commented twice and both times choosing Made in the AM over Justin's Purpose album. Clearly, she has a favorite!

selena made in the am

Justin made Selena feel like she wasn't good enough.

There were photos of Justin on a coffee date with Kendall Jenner just to make Selena jealous. After this gossip spread like wildfire, Selena took to Twitter to seemingly respond to all of it and her tweet was really freaking sad. Like, literally, really freaking sad!

selena 2

Sofia Richie started an Instagram comment feud between Justin and Selena and we loved every second of it.

The Sofia drama is one for the history books that's for damn sure. Justin posted a series of black and white photos in the back of a car with Sofia. Beliebers were commenting on the photo with snake emojis because no one approved or even liked this new relationship of Justin's. The "Sorry" singer told his fans that they better stop leaving hate on his photos or he was going to delete his Instagram account altogether. This is when Selena couldn't help herself and reportedly chimed in.

Justin clapped back at her in the only way he knew how – passive aggressively.

selena 3

There were reports that came out after all of the comments had made their way around the Internet that only Selena's first comment was real. Her second comment was supposedly written by a fake account.

However, Selena did apologize for what she did comment and getting into JB's business. While things cooled down after her apology, we have a feeling Justin was basking in the glory of "winning" this one.


Selena likes a series of tweets that throw major shade at Justin and the whole world laughs.

Justin says he doesn't want to take pictures with fans so Selena posts a bunch of pictures with fans.

It was on May 10, 2016, that Justin said he was over taking photos with his fans if they happened to see him on the street.

justin no pics

Not only a month later in June, Selena posted photos night after night of her REVIVAL tour with tons of concertgoers. Was she trying to throw shade and show just how much she loves and respects her fans? She didn't say but it sure looks like she was trying to send some sort of message!

selena fans

Justin brings Hailey Baldwin on vacation and kisses her like we all want to be kissed.

Last year, there were rumors that Selena and Justin were going to rekindle their romance. He was even caught playing the piano in a crowded hotel lobby where she just so happened to be sitting and watching. Coincidence? We think not. But, then he took Hailey on a tropical vacation with his family. Yes, WITH HIS FAMILY. As if that wasn't enough to stick it to Selena that he had a special girl in his life that wasn't her, he posted a photo of him and Hailey kissing on Instagram. Now, that's just rude.

justin hailey

Selena continued to subtly shade Justin over his new girl and took a dig at his record sales. OUCH.

insta pic 1

insta pic 2

Justin followed Selena on Instagram then unfollowed her the next morning.

THIS. IS. MADNESS. Talk about playing with someone's head! Justin followed Selena and by 10 AM the next morning he had unfollowed her. Literally, how freaking crazy would you go if your ex-boyfriend did something like this? Yes, I would have reached FULL lunatic status.

justin following

The fans can't decide whose side they are REALLY on either.

selena party

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