Just because Selena Gomez isn't in front of the camera in Netflix's most popular series to date, 13 Reasons Why, it doesn't mean she isn't involved in the lives of the cast. This has been Selena's passion project for over seven years and now she is finally seeing the whole thing come to life which is incredibly exciting. Not only is this project something she has never done before but it is also causing good and spreading awareness at the same time.

The cast can't say a bad word about her especially Katherine Langford. Katherine plays the role of Hannah Baker in the series. Because she is super new to the spotlight, Katherine didn't love the idea of making her Instagram public. She wanted some kind of normalcy and privacy in her life. To be honest, we can't blame her.

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However, on a show like this, you're bound to gain lots of fans and gain them quickly. In today's day of technology, the best way to communicate with fans is through social media whether it's something you agree with or disagree with.

Katherine revealed in a new interview with The Last Magazine that the "Hands to Myself" singer was really the person that helped her come to her senses about the whole Instagram thing. She said, "It was a bit of a big decision for me actually, because I wanted to be an actor purely for the acting work. I have never been attracted to increasing my popularity or hireability by being on Instagram."

She continued, "Selena pointed out that the show is targeting young adults like me and that [social media] is a good medium to talk directly with those who relate to my character, Hannah."

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Aww! So, Katherine took the advice and went public. She shared her first public post with the caption, "Ladies and jellyfish – WE ARE PUBLIC! After much consideration as to whether or not to keep private – I've chosen to open up this account so I can connect with all of you! Thankyou to all the kind beauties who have been following from the beginning, and to @selenagomez for the push ?…I can't wait for you guys to see the show @13reasonswhy We made something really special and I hope it speaks to all of you ? Sending infinite love! Be brave, be kind, and get ready for what's coming ❤ xx."

Yasss! You go, girl. We can't wait to see what Katherine decides to share with her fans from her on out.

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