Selena Gomez has officially been dethroned as the queen of Instagram. Well, tbh, she’s still the queen in our eyes and always will be, but she is no longer the most followed person on the social media app. And it wasn’t another pop star who has surpassed her, but an athlete.

None other than soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is now currently the most followed account on Instagram. The 33-year-old has a whopping 144.4 million people following him, while Selena has a modest 144.3 million followers. Casual. Sel has had the title of most followed person on the ‘Gram for quite some time now, but it’s not something she was ever really comfortable with or frankly, even cared all that much about. The 26-year-old has been vocal about how she has a love/hate relationship with social media and doesn’t even know why everyone is so fascinated with how she ended up with so many followers.

“Nothing’s my tactic, I don’t even have the app on my phone. I can’t believe how much people care that I have followers. That’s the craziest thing to me! That’s not what life’s about. I’ve lived my whole life in front of everyone,” Selena said in an Instagram Live. “Numbers don’t matter. None of this matters. I don’t care how many followers I have. I don’t. It’s insane so many people are obsessed. Like, chill out.”

The songstress last posted on Instagram in September, letting fans know she would be taking time away again after a few weeks of interacting more with them on the app.

She is reportedly spending time focusing on her mental health, as she receiving treatment at a facility.

“Selena is currently resting and getting treatment for a series of panic attacks related to ongoing medical issues,” a source told Us Weekly. “She’s definitely improving every day.”

If and when she ever decides to start posting again, we’re sure it really won’t matter to her just how many followers she has. Although, 144 million is still, well, a lot.

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