Selena Gomez is all about keeping her most personal relationships well as personal as she can. She is an open book with her fans about a lot of things though and it seems like now is the time she's decided to let the world in on a whole new side to herself and her friendship with Petra Collins.

The photographer and Sel met back in 2015 when Petra snapped stunning pics of her for a Wonderland Magazine shoot and since then, the girls have stayed super close. Petra was the one Sel called to direct her "Fetish" music video and pretty much create all of the visuals for this new chapter in her music career. So all those really cool pics you see on Selena's Instagram that go along with her new songs? Yep, that's all Petra's work. While talking to each other for Dazed, the besties explained that the way they really bonded was over their love of horror movies and that was the inspiration for the "Fetish" video. We kid you not.

"You came over in the middle of the day and found me in my living room sitting on a big teddy bear watching Chucky so casually and then you came and laid with me," Selena said.

"Oh my God! Literally we were lying on a teddy bear watching Chucky. At that point, it was clear we are on the same wavelength. It’s still so crazy to me how, when I first heard 'Fetish,' I pictured it to the backdrop of horror. It’s one of my favorite genres to make a female look strong," Petra added.

Umm okay, so the "Bad Liar" singer likes to lay around watching horror movies in the middle of the day. No big deal, as long as she's happy right? Well, it seems like Petra is a big part of Selena'a happiness since the songstress went on to gush about one of favorite Canadians — yes, like Sel's BF The Weeknd, Petra is from Canada too — and basically admitted she is 100% her most honest and comfortable self with she's hanging out and working with Petra.

"I just want to say I feel more comfortable with you than most people. With the way I grew up, I always felt like there was something inside of me that hadn’t been accessed. I hadn’t had the opportunity or confidence to find it. For so long I felt like I [wasn’t able] to do something like this, not because I don’t want to but because I lack that confidence. I have a lot of insecurities, but when I started working with you…We’re like sisters," Selena said to Petra. "You make me feel more confident about the choices I make, like a sister. You help me, you encourage me and validate how I feel in that moment. I wouldn’t have been able to grow into the artist I am right now without you. It’s like this fire-and-water, duality thing going on."

OK, now if that's not the definition of BFF goals, then we don't know what is. It's really interesting to see this side of Selena's relationship with Petra. They clearly have a bond unlike anything else and people always say your girlfriends are your real soulmates, right?

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