Selena Gomez and Kygo dropped a freaking jam last week titled “It Ain’t Me,” and fans went wild over the idea that could have been inspired by her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Now, her songwriter Ali Tamposi is sharing details about how Selena really is connected to the lyrics!

Ali sat down with Elle magazine and talked about how she co-wrote the song with Andrew Watt – apparently one of Selena’s good friends.

Ali revealed, “Andrew Watt has a friendship with Selena. And I think that when she had heard that Andrew was a writer on this song, it sparked in her…When she heard it, she knew. She heard the writers on the song, and I think at that time in her life, the song spoke to her.”

While this is a bit vague, Ali goes into more detail about the Biebs and his influence. She said, “As songwriters, we have an idea of what the artist is going through, and sometimes we utilize that as an inspiration to try and connect with the artist…And there’s the few times that we are able to nail it.”

“Selena and Justin both are two of the biggest, top-selling artists in the world, and so when we write a song that they feel like they can connect with, that’s the most rewarding feeling,” she continued.


And again, while this seems like she’s saying these songwriters really did tap into Selena’s feelings about the Biebs, she backtracked again.

Ali said, “I can’t necessarily say that this is the song directed at Justin, but I do think this is a song for her just displaying her strength as a woman in this industry and that particular place that she is in her life…And it’s natural for any human being at her age to be going through the things she’s been going through, but the difference is she’s caught under a microscope. She can be shamed for her struggles.”

Hmmm. We have a feeling this song may not have been written with Justin in mind, but when Selena heard the lyrics, she may have felt feelings that related to her relationship with him — the kind of young romance that turns sour for one reason or another. Because Sel didn’t actually write the song herself, it’s safe to say the song isn’t directly about him.

But, taking away clues from Ali’s interview, Selena can probably revert back to the Jelena era, find that life she once had from within, and channel those thoughts as she sings this song.

Do you think Selena thinks about Justin when she sings this? Let us know in the comments below!

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