Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have reportedly broken up. This news comes just after Selena was seen grabbing breakfast, going to church and hanging out all day with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. However, People magazine is reporting that the Biebs isn’t the cause of the split. Apparently, this has been a long time come but we didn’t see it at all. The last time Selena and The Weeknd were spotted together was in September. The pair hung out together in New York City just before she started working on Woody Allen’s untitled movie.

TMZ is reporting that The Weeknd actually cut things off with the songstress over the phone. YES. OVER. THE. DAMN. PHONE. That is so not cool, bro. Apparently, they had rarely seen each other for awhile because of their schedules and they were talking less frequently. Not only that but he supposedly “felt unfairly tied down in a relationship that had lost its passion.” Yikes. Ultimately, this led The Weeknd to call and end things with Selena explaining that the whole thing just wasn’t working for him. TMZ is also reporting that Sel and The Weeknd are still friends and have chatted several times since the initial split.

To be fair, if the pair hadn’t seen each other in awhile and their schedules were conflicted and distanced, a break up over the phone may have been the only way to do it. If he’s in Canada and she’s in New York City or Los Angeles, it’s not as easy as we may think to sit your significant other down for “the talk.” The phone might be the only way to go in this situation. But, something doesn’t seem right because the pair were just spotted together in mid-October in California. Couldn’t he have done the deed then?

While The Weeknd nor Selena have yet to speak about the break-up news, the “Starboy” singer seemed to confirm the split in a new Instagram story video. He was seen in the background of a friend’s story getting very cozy and dancing insanely close to a mystery woman. TMZ reported that he was at a nightclub in Toronto celebrating the release of 21 Savage, Offset and Metro Boomin’s new album. After fans can see that he is clearly canoodling with this other woman, he looks at the camera and seems super content with his situation. Yikes.

Clearly, he isn’t torn up about the split. There’s no telling when the official cut off was, but sources are saying things got hard when The Weeknd went back on tour and Selena stayed in the Big Apple. An insider explained, “She and Abel have been going back and forth for a few months about their relationship. It’s been hard with him being on tour and her shooting in New York. That wasn’t easy on them.”

This particular insider continued, “It’s over for now, but they’re still in touch…It’s been hard for them to come to the realization that this is the direction things were heading, but it’s been hard for months.” Yikes. This is super upsetting considering everything Selena has recently gone through with her kidney recovery. All things considered, the last time Sel posted a picture on social media with The Weeknd was on September 5th. That seems a bit suspicious because they had been so public with their romance in the last couple of months.

Another weird piece of the puzzle? Today, The Weeknd unfollowed several of Selena’s family members and friends on social media. He unfollowed Selena’s mom, Mandy Teefey, her assistant, Francia Raisa and the parents of Selena’s godson – Priscilla DeLeon and Jay Cosme. The Weeknd and Selena still follow each other, for now.

Both of the superstars have yet to address the news themselves. The whole thing is pretty crazy though. They were just spotted on a date at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights a couple of weeks ago. Nothing seemed out of place or going wrong. In fact, they seemed super happy. Not only that but reports came out that The Weeknd has been incredibly supportive and tending to Selena’s needs in the wake of her kidney surgery. It was said that he actually dropped everything he had going on to be by her side during the whole process. So, some things just aren’t adding up here.

It’s all very heartbreaking as us here at J-14 and the shippers thought these two were the real deal. Now the only question is, will Selena fall back into Justin’s arms? Apparently, her family isn’t happy he is back in her life. Reports surfaced that The Weeknd was okay with it though. Could that have been false? Only time will tell.

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