When one door closes, another one opens as demonstrated by how quickly both The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have moved on from one another. Everyone knows Jelena is totally back, and the “Starboy” singer has been spending a little extra time with his ex, Bella Hadid. What’s going on between them might still be a little hazy, but one things definitely for sure – Sel is putting the Canadian singer in the past.

She hit the unfollow button on her social media accounts, the clear cut sign in these digital times that a relationship has come to an end. The Weeknd on the other hand hasn’t been so quick to cut his ex out of his life – or social feed. He still follows her on Instagram, along with the songstress’ friend Petra Collins.

the weeknd instagram following

Though in the coming days, it wouldn’t be surprising if his follower count were to drop a bit. It might only be a matter of days or hours before the “I Feel It Coming” singer does exactly the same thing, and hits the unfollow button too. Despite this being the official end of Abelena, this doesn’t necessarily mean Sel and Justin Bieber are getting ready to go public within the next day or two. The “Bad Liar” singer still doesn’t follow any of the Biebs social media accounts, so there might be quite a bit of waiting for their public reemergence.

Looks like this is officially the final nail in the coffin for Abelena. This whole unfollow thing doesn’t necessarily mean there was any bad blood about the split, maybe Sel just feels it’s time to let this relationship go. Though there may not be any hard feelings between either of them, it’s quite obvious nothing can stand in the way of love. The heart wants what it wants, that’s never been more obvious than now.

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