For those who were wondering when exactly Shawn Mendes was going to begin professing his love for BTS, well there’s no more need to wait because that moment has arrived. The “Stitches” singer dished in an interview about he very first time he met RM, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Jimin — which was at this year’s American Music Awards, and it was definitely a standout moment for him.

Shawn said, “I met them backstage and they were so sweet. They were probably the most beautiful guys I've ever seen in my life. Truly I didn’t know humans existed that beautiful. Their performance was insane. I watched the video back like 100 times and it almost feels like you were in a movie that they would shoot a million times to get it as perfect as what they did live. So I think they’re incredible.”


We couldn’t agree more, then again everything BTS does just blows fans out of the water. The guys – and Shawn are all insanely talented. A collaboration between them all would be too epic to even describe with words, and it’s something the “Treat You Better” singer would love to do. When asked about the possibility, he answered, “I would love to, that would be amazing.”

Though there is one thing Shawn wouldn’t do for the boys, and that’s hold his own with them on the dance floor. He said, “I probably wouldn’t dance with them. I’ll leave the dancing up to them. You don’t want to see me do those moves.” Uhm, we totally think you’re wrong there Mr. Mendes. Fans would love nothing more than to see the “Mercy” singer bust a move. Besides, we doubt his moves are as bad as he’s making them seem. With a little practice, he can probably master any choreography thrown his way.

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