Leave it to Shawn Mendes to keep slaying the game, breaking more records while he’s still a teenager. Shawn doesn’t leave his teens for another week and before he turns 20 years old, he’s managed to smash another music record. According to Billboard, the singer has become the first artist to have four songs hit number one on the Adult Pop Songs, all before the age of 20. He broke his own record he had aleady set when three of his songs his number one last year. So yes, Shawn is still getting in those accolades while he’s still 19, what a guy.

“In My Blood” off his latest self-titled album joins “Stitches,” “Treat You Better” and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” in the cluster of tracks that hit number one and it’s something the singer made clear he is proud of, in a super subtle, typical-Shawn way. He liked a few tweets calling out his accomplishment, but one from his friend and YouTuber/filmmaker Casey Neistat is what’s really standing out. “Can’t wait to share the doc we’ve been working so hard on. @ShawnMendes is a force,” Casey wrote.

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It’s always nice to see Shawn’s friends being so supportive, but like can we focus on this documentary that’s in the works? We’re going to be getting an inside look at how Shawn makes his music and prepares for tour. A little sneak peak has been shared so far, and from the looks of this doc, we’re really going to get to know Shawn and see how hard he works to be the artist he is.

It’s unclear exactly when this documentary is going to be dropped on us, but we have a feeling it’s going to be worth the wait for Shawn’s fans. An unprecedented look into how his all his musical magic is made? Yeah, that’s for sure going to be a treat. He’s not breaking all these records for nothing.

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