Shawn Mendes has so much love and respect for his fans, something that if you're a true member of the Mendes Army, then you already know this. But the "Treat You Better" singer recently opened up in a new interview, letting the world know just how much his loyal fans actually mean to him. Just like everyone else, he too was extremely affected when he heard about the tragic event that went on right after Ariana Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena ended. A bomb exploded, killing 22 people and injuring many more and it was something that really rocked Shawn, since he too is in the midst of a tour that sees thousands of his devoted fans coming out to watch him perform every night.

"I'd say the night of that was the most upset I’ve ever been in my entire life. Even with all the other [attacks] that have happened, that was very upsetting to me. It hit home really hard. It's just terrifying," Shawn said. "You see these kids every single day, and you’re at meet-and-greets with them, you’re hugging them, and you’re performing for them. Burnt into my brain are pictures and videos of these kids smiling and laughing in concerts. And the thought that something like that could happen to them just brought me to my knees. So it was really tough."

Going to see your favorite singer out on tour is supposed to be a joyous occasion and music has the power to bring all different types of people together, so concerts should always be a safe place. Shawn went on to admit that he was super nervous when he played his show in Paris right afterward.

"Either I just played the same venue she's [now] at, or I turn up somewhere and see a sheet with her [show timings] on the wall," Shawn said about his parallel tour to Ariana. "That was the scary part. That's what got me: that could have been my show. And the day of the Paris show I was just terrified all day. But we played Ariana's song "One Last Time" before I got on stage and put her logo up on the screen. And when I walked into the arena the whole crowd was just screaming at the top of their lungs. I almost broke down again right before I got on stage. But I got up there and did a little speech about how we shouldn’t be afraid. And it was probably the best show on the tour so far. The emotion was so real. You could see it."

And fans took to Twitter to share how powerful the feel of the crowd was that night at Shawn's show.

He even shared a stunning photo of himself reaching into the crowd, locking hands with one of his fans during that concert too.

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Shawn simply has the biggest heart when it comes to his fans. BRB, sobbing now.

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