Sometimes, it's hard to remember that Shawn Mendes is only be 19-years-old. He has been active in the music industry for most of his teen years and has given us all plenty of hit songs and two albums so it's easy to think he's much older than he is. He's literally grown up knowing he has millions of fans all around the world, who are so supportive of every step of her career and simply adore him. And if you ask him how that feels exactly, well it's basically like it's always been a part of him.

In an interview with Stellar, Shawn literally compared the loyalty of his fans to having a weird body part. We kid you know.

"To be honest, I was 15 when I started doing this; it's normal for me. It's almost like living with a weird toe. somebody might ask, 'doesn't it bug you?' And you're like, 'I've always had that toe,'" Shawn explained. Umm, okay a weird toe?! So we get what Shawn is saying: having fans might be a wild concept to the rest of us but to the "Mercy" singer, it's not. He's been living this life in the public eye as a musician for a while now, so it's all just part of his way of life. The whole weird toe thing is an interesting comparison since a weird toe isn't something you brag about and we know he has nothing but love for his fans! Also, he hasn't always had this toe, so to speak. He lived a solid 15 years just being a normal kid without all the fan love, so technically he has known a life pre-fame pretty well. But we get what he's saying here and he just wants everyone to know the concept of having fans isn't all that weird to him, so we'll let this one slide this time, Shawn.

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Shawn went on to admit unlike his adoring Mendes Army, he often gets tired of himself when he's out on tour. LOL!

"I definitely get sick of myself a lot, that's true, but it's not a bad thing," Shawn said. "People tend to forget that, just as fast as it comes, it can all go away. So, while I'm here, I'll be gracious and eat it up, because, one day, I might be begging for people to play me on the radio."

So while he's super busy selling out arenas, performing at awards show and being the one and only Shawn Mendes, he's totally aware that there might be a time when no one cares about him anymore. We doubt that will ever happen actually, but it's nice to know he's totally self-aware and embracing every moment with his "weird toe" fans as much as he can. Precious.

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