Beloved singer/songwriter Teddy Geiger dropped some major news to fans on Instagram: Teddy is transitioning and already has the support of friend and longtime co-writer, Shawn Mendes. Plus, the singer has now announced while she will still go by Teddy, she prefers the female pronouns of she/her to be used.

You probably remember Teddy's smash hit tune "For You I Will" which came out in 2006 (yes, it's been more than 10 years!), but she has stayed behind the scenes musically since then writing songs for One Direction and Shawn. Teddy shared a message on Instagram about her transition when a fan asked why her appearance looked different lately.

"Okay… because u asked nicely… I am transitioning. I started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it’s given me the courage to start the process. I feel like the next step is to tell all y’all. So here goes. Love it or hate this is who i have been for a looooong time. I love u guys. Talk sooooon byeeee," Teddy wrote. Shawn took note of Teddy's announcement and had to show his good friend some love and support writing a bunch of red hearts and "love u."

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How sweet is Shawn? He is currently working on his third album and Teddy has been an integral part of the songwriting process yet again, which she has been documenting on Instagram.

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Teddy co-wrote a ton of Shawn's hits like "Stitches," "Treat You Better", "Mercy" and "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back," plus she was one of the writers of 1D's tunes "Little Black Dress" and "Where Do Broken Heats Go" from the band's Midnight Memories album. Earlier this year, Shawn spoke to MTV News about working with Teddy and songwriter Scott Harris on all these songs and how together, they all really just create magic.

"There's this thing that I think that we really connect on that level, where they both kind of really understood what it was like to be the singer and be the performer. "[They] understand that the music we're writing. You have to love it, otherwise you're just going to go nuts performing it on TV and over and over again, you know, promoting it. I really truly believe that if you write a song that is great, but you don't love it, and you go and perform it, and you write a song that's half as good but you love it, the reaction from the people will be the same," Shawn said.

It's clear Shawn values his friendship and working relationship with Teddy and knowing she has the support of a true best friend during this major life change is everything.

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