Shawn Mendes has been traveling literally everywhere for his Illuminate World Tour. He hit the road back in April of this year and will be performing shows all the way through December. That's a long time to be out on the road! And in the midst of Justin Bieber canceling the remaining dates of his highly successful Purpose Tour, Shawn's fans are naturally worried for the singer. Is he too just feeling run down and tired? Is he being overworked? Is he still happy being on tour?

Well, the singer took to Twitter to ease any and worries fan may have. One fan sent out a now-deleted message, basically giving her opinion that many artists are worked too hard by their management and touring companies and Shawn is simply being sold as a product and no one is looking out for his physical and mental health. Shawn had something to say and he basically doesn't want anyone to worry, because he is simply doing just fine.

If he feels like it's time to take a break from everything, then he will. Overall though, he's OK and is appreciative of his fans' support and concern for his well-being.

Hey, they're just looking for Shawn! And it's only natural for the JB comparisons to come up. They both happen to be from Canada and really skyrocketed their career at such young ages, playing sold-out shows by themselves up on stage to their any adoring fans. In the past, Shawn has even defended the Biebs, saying that how the public perceives the singer isn't really all that fair.

"People thought of [Justin] as a type of person. But maybe he was the same person the whole time and you guys just didn't give him a chance to show you who he was. Stop ­looking at him in a ­negative view and accept him as who he is. We don't get mad at punk rock bands for doing s—t like [he does], because that's their personality. I just find it very confusing," Shawn told Billboard.

So he totally can see where Justin is coming from and it's clear the "Mercy" singer will tell everyone when he needs some time to just relax and not be working so hard. Although fans might be worried for him, Shawn is doing just fine, thank you very much.

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