Imagine a world where Shawn Mendes isn’t a singer, but instead an actor and get this, even starring on a Disney Channel series. Sounds like some sort of alternate universe but no, this is truly how life could’ve been.

You can thank the crooner for creating some of your all-time favorite songs: “Treat You Better” is a jam if we ever heard one, “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” makes you want to get up and dance in-between swooning over those lyrics, and “In My Blood” just gets your right in the feels. So yeah, safe to say he’s pretty good at being a singer, songwriter, and overall musician, don’t you think? Shawn knows what he’s doing up on stage, that’s for sure. But he’s always had plans of being an actor, even before he was into music and it’s something he wants to start back up. Speaking to Access at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, Shawn admitted that while music has his heart, he still has his sights set on acting.

“I’m hopefully going to get into some acting in the future and do some more stuff like that. I think when it comes to acting, it’s about finding the role that is right for you and not doing something just because you think it’s cool,” he said.

And it’s not the first time he’s gushed about his desire to be on the big screen. Back in 2017 in an interview with i-D, he admitted that at first, acting was totally calling his name and he was super serious about it, but it quickly proved to not exactly be his area of expertise.  

“I wanted to be an actor, like, so so bad. I took acting classes, I auditioned for Disney, and then I realized how nervous I got with remembering lines. Then music kind of fell upon me when I was around 13. I started watching YouTube videos and singing and it became something that I was obsessed with. Next thing I know, I was fully in it,” Shawn explained.


Now, we already knew he auditioned for the Disney Channel in his native Canada, something he mentioned before in an interview with Billboard back in August of 2016. But we didn’t know yet why none of this worked out. Poor Shawn was just too nervous! Granted, remembering lines isn’t easy, but he does have to remember the lyrics to his songs, which he performs on massive stages in front of thousands of fans at one time. Kinda similar, right? 

Well, lucky for us he fell in love with music and now we have the artist we know and love. Crazy to think had Shawn felt different when he was younger and he really stuck with acting, his career path would be way different. He did have a guest-starring role on The CW series, The 100, in 2016, which he got after legit tweeting at the writers just asking if he could appear on it. Look at how precious he was on set, posing in front of his trailer?

shawn mendes the 100

And here he is, in character during a scene.

shawn mendes the 100 character
The CW

So perhaps this first love is something he will actually return to full-time one day. When he spoke to Larry King in 2016, he explained that although he can’t predict where exactly his career will end up, he can see himself doing the acting thing for sure.

“I love acting, I would really love to act. I think in the music videos we’re releasing, you kind of get to see the acting [side of me], but I would love to go and venture into that land,” Shawn said. “I’m only 18. When I’m 22, I could be a completely different person, not because fame my career has changed me, but because that’s how life is. I could be an actor. I don’t really like to say this is where I’ll be in five years because I truly have no idea.”

Now that Shawn is 20 years, perhaps it’s time he really does give this whole acting thing a go. Shawn has always had the acting bug and it’s time for some lights, camera, action.

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