If by now you’ve watched Netflix’s latest highly buzzed out about rom-com, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, then you know there have been some mixed reviews from fans about the movie. But there’s one character everyone can agree is a true gem. And that’s Dan – Sierra’s BFF, played by RJ Cyler.

Dan brought the laughs and was truly a voice of reason, trying throughout the course of the movie to get Sierra to confess to her crush Jamey that he wasn’t actually talking to popular cheerleader Veronica – and instead, was falling for her. As we know, Veronica and Sierra joined forces to keep the charade going for a while – and along the bumpy road, Dan was there. He gave Sierra some real talk when she didn’t want to hear it. And despite the fact that she wasn’t valuing her friendship with Dan as much as she should’ve throughout the film – by the end, they were back to being besties. 

dan and sierra

And we found out Dan somehow talked his way into attending an all girls’ college. He is the best, as fans of the movie have pointed out.

Tbh, we’re down for this fans’ sequel idea. RJ even wooed his co-star, Noah Centineo – who said working with RJ was the best part of filming.

“I would say just working with RJ. He’s just a genius. Every time he does a scene, he changes it and yet it still fits into the plot and the writing. And just watching him and learning from him was a gift,” Noah said to Seventeen. HOW PRECIOUS. 

But let’s get to the important stuff: Dan most likely looked super familiar, right? Well that’s because the 23-year-old actor has totally stolen the show in other films he’s been in as well. You might recognize him as Earl from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, which was based on the book of the same name. Earl was Greg’s best friend in the movie who he made films with and it’s Earl who helps Greg learn to appreciate those who care about him most when they both have to cope with the loss of their friend, Rachel.


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And, of course, RJ once again was a total star in Power Rangerswhere he played Billy, the blue ranger.

power rangers

RJ’s character Billy was on the Autism spectrum, and he truly brought something special to the role. Basically, RJ has already starred in a few of your fave movies – and each time, he proves he’s literally the best part. So yeah, we’ll give Sierra Burgess another watch for the gem that is RJ.

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