Calling all Sky Katz fans — get ready because the 14-year-old triple threat just dropped a brand new song! That’s right, on Monday, December 9, the Raven’s Home star released her latest single “On The Block,” and she just spilled all the tea exclusively to J-14.

“‘On the Block’ kind of talks about how powerful my presence is when I walk in the room and how I turn everything up,” she said. “That’s what the inspiration was, making it a powerful song.”

As fans know, this is the young star’s first single since her song “Saucy” dropped back in April 2019. When it came to her writing process for this song, Sky revealed that the music came before the lyrics.

“The producer played us a lot of beats and once we heard the beat, we knew it was the one. It was such a crazy beat and really gave us that vibe,” she explained. “As soon as you hear a beat, you know it’s the one and we knew instantly. It all worked out so perfectly.”

Sky also dished on everything fans can expect when she opens for Zhavia Ward on Tuesday, December 10 at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been rehearsing for a little while now, so you can expect to see some choreographed dance involved and I’ll be performing some covers so that the audience can get involved a little and so that it’s fun for everyone,” she said. “It’s going to be good energy; I want everyone to come.”

How did this epic on-stage opportunity come about? Well, it all started when Sky went to see Zhavia’s show in New York City.

“I went to her show in NYC and I had asked her manager ‘Do you have any shows when I’m going to be in LA?’ and the manager was like ‘we do.’ So I just asked ‘Can I open for you?’ It kind of worked out like that, it was that simple,” she revealed. “We’re friends and we’ve been chatting through Instagram, but I think this will create a new bond. She’s a great performer. I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

As for new music, the songstress has a lot planned for 2020!

“[Zhavia and I] may have something like that in the works, but you’ll have to see,” she teased. “I’m hoping an EP can be there at some point in 2020, but for sure more songs and videos. I don’t really have time for a tour, but in the future for sure.”

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