The long-awaited sequel Descendants 2 will finally premiere next week, and the next installment of the franchise is sure to be a hit. Accompanied by some newcomers, the original villain kids are back, including The Evil Queen’s daughter Evie, played by Sofia Carson.

In D2, Evie uses her upbringing to find success as a fashion designer. Raised by The Evil Queen, Evie was taught to value being ‘the fairest of them all’ over everything else. With this goal in mind, Evie always rocked the best outfits. In the sequel, Evie uses her fashion prowess for good instead of evil.

She begins to design clothes for her friends, especially Mal, played by Dove Cameron. The fashionista even starts her own clothing brand under the name “Evie 4 Hearts.” The company’s name is a reference to the line from the first movie after the four VKs defeat Maleficent and Mal says, “The strength of evil is as good as none, when stands before four hearts as one.”

It seems like Evie isn’t the only one with a keen sense of style! Just like her character Evie, Sofia recently debuted two new fashion lines. Inspired by the movie, the D2-themed collections will be sold by major retailers Target and Kohl’s.

J-14 sat down with Sofia to check out the new clothing lines and catch up with the actress before the movie’s fast-approaching premiere date.

In the interview, Sofia opens up about her life since her first major movie, Descendants. Sofia admits she never could have anticipated that the movie would gain as much popularity as it did. She shares, “I think we all hoped that people would fall in love with the story. Everyone poured their heart and soul into this.” Sofia hoped that the DCOM would do well, but she was still shocked by the outpouring of love that the VKs received. “I don’t think any of us ever expected it to be what it became, thanks to all of the fans.”

Sofia explains how surreal it is to see her face everywhere, from advertisements on busses to lunchboxes. Now, her character Evie will be featured on apparel that will be sold by the masses and worn worldwide through Target’s Evie’s 4 Hearts Collection and Kohl’s D-Signed Ways to Be Wicked Collection.

d2 shirt 1

Sofia has been obsessed with fashion since a young age. As a little girl, she only could have wished that she could have her own clothing line one day. Sofia admits to getting teary-eyed at times, as she witnesses her dreams becoming a reality with the release of the new brands.

We’re so happy for you, Sofia!

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