It appears that Tana Mongeau is unbothered by the haters! The YouTube star came under fire on November 11, 2019, when she posted a photo of herself from the 2019 People’s Choice Awards. Why? Well, she was almost unrecognizable in the photo, and some fans were quick to slam the blonde beauty for over-editing herself! But now, the social media sensation has responded to the criticism, and fans are living for her clap back.

It turns out, Tana responded to the haters by getting cheek fillers!

“Y’all said I FaceTune too much like fine, stop begging me to get more filler I’ll just do it. STOP HARRASSING ME,” she wrote on Twitter, alongside some snaps of her receiving the cosmetic surgery.

Some fans were quick to remind the influencer that she didn’t need to edit her photos or get surgery to be beautiful.

“You don’t need either [baby], one fan wrote, with another adding, “You look beautiful no matter what.”

Jake Paul‘s wife also made a joke about the situation in another collage of photos from the PCA’s that she shared to Instagram on November 18, 2019.

“Swipe for a pic of me (with less FaceTune than last time) cause I’m narcissistic,” she wrote.

It’s definitely no secret that Tana is a huge fan of FaceTune, and back in May 2018, she even tweeted about her obsession with the app!

“People keep asking, so, my skin care routine! It’s FaceTune. That’s it. That’s my skin care routine,” she wrote.

She also tweeted in October 2018, “I just yelled at a paparazzi to FaceTune me as I got into a Toyota Corolla. Help.”

In May 2019, Tana joked that she should be teaching “FaceTune master classes,” and in November 2019, she even revealed that she’d only be reposting fan pictures if they were FaceTuned!

“I feel like my Instagram fan accounts started to notice I only repost FaceTuned pics and they all slowly started to FaceTune me like I FaceTune myself and it was just this unspoken thing in my fandom,” she said. “Y’ALL GOT MY BACK.”

It’s clear that Tana is definitely unfazed by the internet trolls!

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