Taylor Swift dropped her newest music video for the jam that is "End Game" and while Katy Perry doesn't make any cameos much to our disappointment, that doesn't mean Tay skipped out on leaving some Easter Eggs for us. You know she's all about those subtle, hidden messages and although the video is one giant party featuring her buds Ed Sheeran and Future who are on the track with her, she still made it known who really is always on her mind.

The cats.

Yes, her beloved Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson get a shout-out in the video. During the Tokyo segment, Taylor is seen walking on the street and above her head is a sign that reads "Meredith Olivia" in Japanese.

taylor swift end game cats

Even when mom's away slaying in a music video, the love for her lil babies is unbreakable.

The boyfriend.

No, Taylor doesn't have a love interest in this video at all since it's all about her having a grand old time with her friends, but her bae Joe Alwyn does get a shout-out too. Similiar to that of her cats, Taylor is shown strolling through the streets of Tokyo and there is a sign above her that reads "Joe" in Japanese.

taylor swift end game joe

Reminding us all that she's head over heels for her man, giving us little glimpses into her life with Joe since that relationship is one she's kept super low-key. Precious.

The snakes.

Taylor has made it crystal clear she's embracing the snake, a word and symbol of sorts that started out as something negative people were calling the songstress. But during her new reputation era, she reclaimed the snake and well, she's not letting go of it in the slightest. In this vid, there's a scene where Taylor is playing a video game while sitting on a bar. AND IT'S LITERALLY THE GAME SNAKE.

taylor swift end game snake

She's playing the snake, get it? V clever that Ms. Swift is. And there are even snake straws spotted in drinks, which are placed on top of a table that happens to feature a jukebox that is playing track "13," her lucky number.

taylor swift end game 13

Only Taylor.

The "22" parallel.

There's a fun scene in the video between Taylor and Ed where they're both sitting on a couch together, being silly, goofily dancing with each other. At one point, Tay takes the "Perfect" singer's glasses and puts them on.

taylor swift ed sheeran end game

And between the black framed specs and her hairstyle, this gave us major "22" vibes.

taylor swift 22

A trip back to the Red era? Yes, please.

The "Teardrops On My Guitar" parallel.

And Taylor even took us back to her OG musical era. She's laying down in her sparkly, striped dress singing into the camera looking like a queen, of course.

taylor swift end game

And this whole pose, dramatically looking into the camera while singing to us brought on all the "Teardrops On My Guitar" feels.

taylor swift teardrops on my guitar

Look at how far she's come. Crying.

The Juice box.

In case you forgot what song you were watching the music video for, Taylor reminded you yet again by putting "End Game" on a juice box, written again in Japanese.

taylor swift end game juice box

Taylor is forever the master of these little details, isn't she?

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