We’ve all known for quite some time that Taylor Swift is a woman in love, totally head over heels for her bae Joe Alwyn. However, details surrounding their love story are pretty scarce. The fact that Joe is a 27-year-old actor (and that he’s inspired some pretty amazing songs) is about as much info as we have. Well, if you want to get to know him a tad bit better, it’s time to give him a follow on Instagram since he just recently made his account public. And while there aren’t any super cute pics of him and Taylor, there is some subtle proof they’re still going strong, in case you were wondering.

So here is it: Joe is following his lady on the gram, first of all – but the real clue is that he posted a photo on May 8 posing alongside a super-massive cactus. A fun pic, no doubt.

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But what makes this special is that his girl T. Swift posted a v similar photo on the same day, letting us know they visited this giant cactus together.

So yeah, the couple that takes matching pics next to giant plants together, stays together clearly. And while we might not catch this couple walking the red carpet together anytime soon since Joe just attended a movie premiere solo, at least we can listen to the tunes the songstress has given us on her Reputation album to get some insight. There’s “Gorgeous” that’s all about the first time she met her babe and how she couldn’t get over how you, guessed it, gorgeous he is. We’ve tracked their first meeting back to the 2016 Met Gala, which we got confirmation in another song, “Dress,” since she references her bleached hair and his buzz-cut they were each sporting during their first introduction and that’s the party where it all went down. And then there’s “New Year’s Day,” which is one of Taylor’s most romantic, yet real AF songs that she wrote after the New Year’s Eve party she had in London (where Joe is from) and in the song, she admits she’ll be there through the good and bad by her man’s side and she truly hopes he’s the one, singing, 

“Please don’t ever become a stranger
Whose laugh I could recognize anywhere.”

Gets you right in the heart, doesn’t it? Then we have “Delicate,” which Taylor has said she wrote during a vulnerable time in her life when she met someone new but because of her reputation, she wasn’t sure what to think of this new romance. Clearly though, Joe really liked her for who she was since the world seemed to have some not so nice opinions of her. And we’re only a year into their romance, so if Joe really is Tay’s endgame, then we’re in for a lifetime of hits. And hopefully some cute IG pics. Just saying.

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