There is officially just three more days left before Swifties around the world are gifted with Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation. It’s set to drop on November 10th, unveiling a new side of the singer that the world has apparently yet to see. She has already released four songs on the record, including “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It,” “Gorgeous,” and “Call It What You Want.” And, with those, we’re beginning to see that the old Taylor officially dead.

However, fans are going off the rails today after a theory has been going viral that Tay and Selena Gomez collaborated at some point in the making of the album. This would obviously be a dream come true for devoted Taylor fans, as well as everyone who is just totally obsessed with their friendship. But we find it hard to believe the gossip is actually true. Taylor doesn’t usually collaborate with anyone on her albums. Yes, she made an exception for Ed Sheeran and Colbie Caillat back in the day but we don’t see that exception being broken for Reputation.

But, hey, this is the new Taylor, right? So, anything is possible. This whole thing started when a fan account tweeted about a Selena and Taylor collaboration happening back at the end of August. They wrote, “sources have reported that there is a SELENA GOMEZ collaboration on #Reputation and it’s the ONLY collaboration on the record!”

Now, Scott Borchetta, the president and CEO of Taylor’s record label Big Machine, is adding more fuel to the fire. His tweet consisted of a video clip that showed the making of two magazine, which will be released at the same time as Reputation. The magazines will reportedly consist of Taylor photos, illustrations that she drew, and an explanation of how each song on the record was created. It’s going to be huge. The only weird thing was that Scott actually tagged Selena in this tweet, which has fans thinking she has something to do with the album or the magazines.

He wrote, “This is so good… @taylorswift13 … @BigMachine @selenagomez.”

Hmmm…seems kind of out of the ordinary that he would tag Selena randomly, Scott knows exactly what he’s doing. And if it was a mistake, it would have been deleted by now. If fans watch the video clip, she doesn’t make an appearance, so we’re all just sitting here scratching our heads in bewilderment. Taylor or Selena has yet to make a comment about Scott’s tag. In anticipation of November 10th, Swifties have taken to social media to basically freak out over the potential collab and we’re totally here for it. One thing is for sure, Scott is getting more reply tweets than usual.

One Twitter user responded to his tweet including the tag at Selena and said, “Why did you tag Selena
Why did you tag Selena
Why did you tag Selena
Why did you tag Selena.”


This collab would undoubtedly be epic, we’re just not quite so sure Taylor would totally be down for it. Plus, for the last several months Selena has been going through a lot between having her kidney transplant surgery and recovering from it – not to mention, she has been working on her own music. It seems unlikely that she would find the time to work with Taylor as well. She might be superwoman, but there are only 24 hours in a day here, you guys. Hopefully, once Friday rolls around, fans will get all the answers. Either Scott is totally playing all of us or we’re about to get the surprise of a lifetime. Until then, we’ll all be going crazy. Look what you made us do, Scott!

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