Taylor Swift is slowly but surely making her way back into the spotlight after going into hiding for the past year and focusing on her new album, Reputation. The record is set to drop on November 10th and it's assumed Tay is going to be doing press, promo, and interviews about the lyrics, the music and the inspiration behind each and every song. Finally, our girl will be back. But, until then she's been busy literally trying to get her fans to notice her on social media. And we know what you're thinking, how could anyone ever not notice Taylor sliding into your DM's or commenting on your Instagram live? It's Taylor freaking Swift.

But, it's actually quite easy. The "Look What You Made Me Do" singer can't stop commenting on these Swifties Instagram live videos and they are all freaking out, obvi. Some of her comments include references to cats, just casually dropping in to say, 'Hello' and laughing with all capital 'HAHA's' and you know it's all too real.

But, there's more. It actually took Taylor five tries before this one fan noticed her. Can you even imagine Taylor wanting to talk to you THAT badly that she messaged you five times? I actually can't.

She's also sliding into DM's and naturally, fans can't keep their sh-t together. Not only that but Taylor admits she just discovered Instagram live and feels like she has discovered a whole new world so she's basically all of our moms.

There's no telling why she's randomly contacting these fans but there are already some theories out there. Some believe that she could be checking up on fans to try and find the right people to come to her house for a Secret Sessions listening party. It's something she did with her 1989 album, and fans think she could do it again with Reputation. Of course, that's all speculation and Taylor hasn't said that she'll be personally inviting fans over to listen to her newest album but Swifties, can dream can't they?

Regardless of whether or not she's scheming for something bigger than just a DM, these lucky fans will most likely never forget when they saw her verified name pop up on their personal accounts.

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