Actor Stephen Amell has responded to Tee Franklin on Twitter after the comic book writer accused him of being racist on Tuesday, June 2.

As fans know, the Arrow star planned to have Grant Gustin on the June 1 episode of his podcast, “How’d You Do It?” but The Flash actor canceled his appearance saying it wasn’t an”appropriate time to spend 45 minutes talking about how he became such a giant, lovable television star.”

After a Twitter user called Stephen out for continuing to “gain ad revenue during the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” Tee slammed the actor for “showing us his racist a** ways for quite awhile now.”

For those who don’t know, Tee is an award-winning writer, and the first Black woman to be hired by Image Comics. In 2015, she started #BlackComicsMonth, a movement to spotlight Black comic book writers and their work.

When he saw the writer’s tweet, Stephen took to Twitter and replied.

“You totally nailed me. Hope that makes you feel better. I just followed you… So if you need something or you want to help me better understand, hit me up and we can chat!” he said.

In a following series of tweets, Tee then claimed she wasn’t “the only Black woman that’s called you out.”

“I’m not sure why your tone is condescending, but I’m not beat for it. That ‘hope that makes you feel better’ ain’t it, Stephen. Nothing I do or say when I call out racism makes me feel better,” she said in one post. She then added, “Silence is complicity, while playing ignorant is ludicrous. You’re a father & someone in their 30’s you’re not new to racism & if you believe Toronto isn’t racist that’s your privilege.”

The writer concluded with, “I shouldn’t have to ‘help you’ understand the things you do and say are harmful. These are things that are learned behavior.”

Stephen didn’t publicly respond any further.

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